FPJ Interview: Amid speculation of BJP- MNS tie-up, 'No new alliance,' says MLA Mihir Kotecha

In an exclusive interview with FPJ, BJP's MLA from Mulund clarified that, there will be no new alliance with anyone, except the current alliance with RPI and Swabhimani Paksha

Anirudha YerunkarUpdated: Friday, April 08, 2022, 01:58 PM IST

As BMC election is approaching nearby all the parties are coming with different agendas to win Mumbaikars votes.

During upcoming BMC elections the scenario is different. As Shiv Sena- BJP alliance is broken in 2019 after which Shiv Sena formed a government in Maharashtra with NCP and Congress. So in upcoming BMC election, BJP will not leave any stone unturned to win.

BJP has seen already preparing for the BMC election since last year. As they started exposing various scams like alleged commission taken by Yashwant Jadhav in awarding tenders.

In an interview with FPJ, Mihir Kotecha, explained how BJP is going to defeat Shivsena in BMC and what are their promises for Mumbaikars.

Mihir Kotecha is also a treasurer of BJP for Maharashtra. He started working in Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) since 1993 and was appointed as Mumbai President of BJYM in 2007. In 2014, he was appointed as Mumbai BJP Vice-President.

Currently he is a special invitee on BJP's Election committee for BMC election.

BJP MLA, from Mulund, Mihir Kotecha had exposed various scams in BMC like alleged irregularities of Rs 106 crore in the tendering process of Veer Mata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan or missing of file from Mayor's Bungalow related to the procurement of medicines.

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Is BJP going to ally with any party for the BMC election?

As of now, what we understand from our leaders BJP is going solo. We will be fighting alone and as of now, no new alliances will be made with any political party. Not even with MNS. Our existing partners that is RPI and Swabhimani Paksha, who are our current partner, will be with us. But there will be no new alliances.

So if all three parties of MVA come into Alliance in the BMC election, Do you think it will be tough fight for BJP?

Earlier we have seen in past also in states like Uttar Pradesh, one plus one plus one is not equal to three. At times one plus one plus one is equal to 1.5. So I think, the formation of Maha Vikas Aghadi is by cheating the people of Maharashtra, so even if all these three parties come together and fight BMC elections unanimously, Mumbaikars have made up their mind and they are going to throw out this corrupt government.

If BJP doesn't get full-fledged majority in BMC elections, will BJP go into post poll alliance with Shiv Sena or any other party?

We are fully confident that we will come to power with a clear majority. So, the question of having an alliance or taking support from outside doesn't arise at all.

Who will be the face of BJP for the BMC election, Ashish Shelar or Devendra Fadanvis?

Our tallest leader in Maharashtra is Devendra Fadanvis and all other leaders are part of his team. So, there is no such question arise, as who will be the face? Ultimately, BJP believes in teamwork. So there is a core committee of Maharashtra which takes all the decisions. Similarly, there is a core committee of Mumbai which takes all the decisions.

Do you think delimitation of wards in Mumbai going to affect the BJP's voter base?

The delimitation process is absolutely not fair. We have raised very logical and valid questions. The classical example is in Mulund where there was no need to change the boundary. But the boundaries in Mulund have been changed 360 degrees. All wards have been now made in amoeba-shape.

So this clearly indicates that wherever BJP has more corporators there they have tried to change the boundaries. But let me tell you they have miserably failed because changing boundaries won't change minds of the voters.

So what are the major issues on which BJP is going to fight the BMC election?

BJP has been exposing all the scams in Mumbai Mahanagar Palika. The development will be our core agenda when we go in to fight for the upcoming BMC elections.

For last 25 years, BMC has been ruled by Shivsena. Mumbai is the financial capital of India, it is a global city. But when we compare the infrastructure of Mumbai with other globally developed cities, we are nowhere in line. Every monsoon, we have floods and potholes in Mumbai.

The reason behind this is that, in every single tender the ruling party that is Shivsena demands huge kickbacks and because of these kickbacks, Mumbai is practically on a standstill.

How will BJP resolve the sewage system and waterlogging problem in Mumbai?

Every year, we spend thousands of crores of rupees taxpayer's money for pre-monsoon preparations. Why don't we get results? Because almost 35% to 40% of that money is taken back in form of kickbacks.

If BJP comes to power the way Devendra fadanvis has governed the state from 2014 to 2019, we will see similar governance in BMC also. We will be having an absolutely transparent system, the system of kickbacks will stop and if the kickbacks stop, you will see the result of the ground.

Would you like to name anyone who is taking kickbacks?

Recently we have seen that the Standing Committee Chairman, Yashwant Jadhav himself has bought almost 38 properties in the last two years. Where does this money come from? So we can see where the Mumbaikars money is going.

So once the BJP comes to power, the inquiry of all these scams will be initiated or is this just an election agenda?

We have been successful in getting three tenders and work orders cancelled. There was a contract of 556 crores on which we raised a red flag, we made complaints, and an inquiry was initiated. An entire process of 556 crores Rs. tender was abolished and a new tender was brought in. BMC saved 108 crores Rs. of Mumbaikars in the new tender. This was a big victory for Mumbai.

So, when we come into power, we shall expedite the inquiry and bring it to a logical conclusion.

BJP supports Raj Thackeray's stand that loud speak at Mosques?

We have also raised this issue, if the mosques are violating the rules there action has to be taken. Because one cannot pray Azan at five in the morning at 110 or 115 decibels. So if for Hindu religious functions, the sound pollution norms apply, then why not for the mosques?

What are the major promises that BJP wants to do for the Mumbaikars?

The kind of infrastructure Mumbai should have is not visible anywhere. So, our target is to give Mumbai pothole-free, good quality of roads, good sewerage system, good sewage plants and clean gutters.

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