Former Maharashtra minister Khadse drops a bombshell

Mumbai: Veteran BJP leader Eknath Khdase has further stepped up attack against former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis saying that his announcement of Mi Punha Yein (I will return after the assembly election in 2019) had exhibited arrogance and ego, as it had not gone down well among the voters and party’s rank and file. Khadse, who is disappointed over the party's neglect, warned that he has videos and files of some party leaders and if he makes them open, it will bring tremors within the BJP.

‘’I don’t intend to make it public as I do not want to stoop to that level. However, I have already shown those videos and files to the party leadership for their consideration,’’ said Khadse who did not find a place in the newly constituted party’s Maharashtra executive declared in July this year. He further stated, ‘’ If I do not get justice then I will make those videos and files open for the public knowledge.’’

Khadse reiterated that despite a lot of BJP ministers facing corruption charges they were not asked to resign except him. “I resigned the next day. The opposition never levelled any charges against me. Allegations were levelled against Fadnavis over the government asking the transfer of salary account of the police personnel to a private bank in which his wife is an executive. The Opposition had charged Fadnavis with misuse of power though I never faced similar charges,’’ he noted.

Khadse for the first time revealed that he was asked to step down by the party organisation.

The former minister clarified that he was not speaking on these issues as he has been denied an assembly ticket but he has been opening up because of injustice meted out against him.

‘’BJP could not come back to power because the party denied a number of leaders with elective merits including Vinod Tawde and Chandrashekhar Bawankule. Voters rejected because of arrogance and ego exhibited by reiterating 'Mi Punha Yein',’’ he opined.

Free Press Journal