Firecracker ban illogical, say people

The last minute notice of the BMC restricting use of firecrackers during Diwali has not gone down well with many as not only politicians but also citizens fail to find any logic in the decision. Citizens continued to burst firecrackers without paying any heed to the civic body's guidelines of not bursting fancy crackers that could cause air pollution.

Congress party's Ravi Raja, the Leader of Opposition in the BMC said that the Maharashtra government erred in taking such a last minute decision. He said that the decision seemed to lack logic.

"I think the decision lacked logic since it was taken only two days before the festival. The main reason is they have only banned use of firecrackers and not the sale," Raja told the Free Press Journal.

"The state could have taken this decision at least a month before the festival. But that wasn't done and thus the restrictions were only on use and not sale. If the state could have imposed such a ban at least a month before then there would have been no supply of firecrackers' stock and resultantly no sale itself," the Congress leader explained.

Similar has been the reaction of citizens as they too were "confused" on whether to use firecrackers or not.

"I went to a firecrackers shop in Chembur. It displayed the BMC's notice which specifically stated that only lighter materials such as flowerpot could be used on the eve of Lakshmi Pooja," said Rajkumar Singh.

"But to my surprise, the shop owners were conveniently selling even the sutli bombs or other hardcore firecrackers even rockets. In such a scenario, how can the civic body expect that citizens are not going to purchase such fancy and all different types of firecrackers when there isn't a restriction on their sale," Singh, a resident of Chembur, said.

Notably, citizens continued to usher into the festival by using all sorts of firecrackers leave alone the fancy ones including the high-decibel level rockets.

"There wasn't any logic in this decision. How can the authorities think that sales can go on but citizens must not use firecrackers?" questioned Tanmay Gohil, a student living in Matunga.

"I think some more could have been done by the authorities, something in a systematic manner. Even if they wanted to bring in this ban, two days prior to the festival, they could have kept proper checks on citizens using firecrackers. Almost every society witnessed use of fancy firecrackers, which was visible in the night itself and we have seen the air quality in the morning too, which has been termed to be unhealthy," the student added.

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