Updated on: Monday, November 30, 2020, 03:45 PM IST

Coronavirus in Mumbai: Latest list of COVID-19 containment zones from Colaba in SoBo to Borivali in West and Mulund in East issued by BMC

 Photo Credit: ANI

Photo Credit: ANI


Mumbai reported more than 900 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said.

The city reported 940 new cases during the day, taking the tally to 2,82,814, while the death toll rose to 10,791 with 18 fresh fatalities, the BMC said.

According to the civic body, the number of recovered patients in the city is now 2,55,860, about 91 percent of the caseload, with 515 patients discharged from hospitals. The number of active patients increased to 13,157, despite the removal of 2,200 duplicated and outside cases from data.

Over 18.57 lakh COVID-19 tests have been conducted in the city so far. The city's average doubling rate of COVID-19 cases is 199 days, while the average growth rate is 0.35 percent.

The city has 434 containment zones and 5,212 sealed buildings. G-North Ward, S Ward, K-East ward, and N Ward had the most number of sealed areas, while R-Central, R-South, K-West, F-North, and K-East wards have the most number of sealed buildings.


Here is the full list of containment zones in Mumbai issued by BMC:

A 1 400005 Ambedkar Nagar, Rohidas Koli Galli, Renuka Mandir To Darya Kinara (Ghoda Galli), Rohidas Koli Dawakhana To Near Ekvira Mandir, (Ghoda Galli Mansion) From Dr. Hasamani Clinic To Entire Galli, Behind Maruti Jwellers Galli To Scrap Store, Ghoda Galli Buddha Vihar To Chota Masjid,Chotu Kirana Store To Disoza Family (Saparji Ghoda Galli),Dr. Shoba Sinh Clinic To Sangeeta Kamble Aanganwadi(Sai Sadan),Shivmandir Vitthalvadi To Khadi Sea End,Sai Sadan Entire Galli To Temple (Sai Sadan),Dr. Waghela Clinic Entire Galli No. 11 To Shivsena Shakha,Vitthalwadi- Opp. Chota Saibaba Mandir Entire Galli, Banjara Gym Khara Office Entire Galli,Opp. Sai Sadan Mandir Rhs Entire Galli,Ppi Opp. Balwadi Entire Galli To Sea End,Next To R.K. Classes Second Galli To Sadguru Tailor,Behind Transfact Building No.26 To Sai Mandir,From Maruti Jwellers To Chota Sai Baba Mandir,Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg,,Colaba.

A 2 400005 Bmc Chawl,Rajwadkar Street, Near Colaba Market, Colaba

A 3 400005 Sunder Nagar, From Sunder Nagar Entrance Till Behind Kirana Store,Colaba

A 4 400005 Macchimarnagar Part -1, Right Side Entire Lane Beside Hanuman Mandir,Colaba

A 5 400005 37/2, Ghar Kul Machhimar Nagar(Only Bunglow To Be Sealed),Captain Prakash Pethe Marg, Cuffe Parade,,Colaba

A 6 400005 Geeta Nagar, Dr Homi Bhabha Road,From Church A.G.E Till Bharat Kirana Store(Beside Helan Aunty'S House),Colaba

A 7 400020 Arogya Bhavan, Next To Dhoobi Ghat Jhopadpatti,Marine Lines

B 8 400009 Bmc Chawl No. 4, Mavji Rathod Road,Walpakhadi,Dongri

B 9 400009 Zopadpatti Infront Cement Chawl,Carnac Bander Below Bridge,Masjid Bandar,Masjid

C 10 400002 Yunus Bldg(Released 02.06.20),48/50 4Th Marine Street(Released 14.07.20), Krushna Bldg(Released 22.07.20),Parda House(Released 01.08.20),Santuk House(Released 27.07.20),32A Welingtone Terrace(Released 22.07.20),Gold Mohur Bldg(Released 24.07.20),Ganesh Bhuvan(Released 06.08.20),Ratan House(Released 01.08.20),Fatima Bldg(Released 05.08.20),Hatim Manzil(Released 05.09.20),Hamilabai Bldg(Released 18.08.20),Bilkis Bldg(Released 20.08.20),Sai Bhavan(Released 21.08.20),Paradise House(Released 05.08.20),Ratan Manzil(Released 25.08.20),Chatrabhuj Appartment (Released 10.09.20),45 Kalyan Bldg(Released19.09.20),Hallarka House(Released 23.09.20),Sahayog Bldg

8(Released04.10.20),Ganesh Bhuwan(Released07.10.20),Marine Street(Released22.10.20),Neelam Bldg(Released14.11.20),Kasam Moti Bldg(Released03.11.20),Shah House(Released04.11.20),Desai Residency(Released02.11.20),Rivendell Home(Released11.11.20),Gokul Business Pvt Ltd Guest House(Released27.11.20),Marine Street(Active05.12.20)(29 Chawls In Dhobi Talao Area)(Total =29, Declared =1, Released=28),S Gaikwad Marg,,Dhobi Talao

C 11 400003 Keshav Nursing Building(Released 29.04.20), Bori Chwal(Released 03.05.20),Shriji Bhavan(Released 09.05.20),Madan House(Released 17.05.20),Pancholi House(Released 17.05.20),Subhadra Bldg(Released 17.05.20),Ajanta Guest House Bldg (Reased 23.06.20),Jadhavji Kara CoOperative Hsg Scty(Released 20.05.20),Mahadev Shankar(Released 30.05.20),Shivkrupa Society(Released 25.06.20),Chunawala Bldg(Released 07.06.20),Halai Niwas(Released 25.07.20), Rushmini Niwas(Released 02.06.20),Chunawala Bldg(Released 18.06.20),Tara House(Released 04.06.20), Bit Chawl(Released 05.06.20), Yashwant Chawl(Released 15.06.20), Bhadriya House(Released 16.06.20),Yashwant Chawl(Released 05.06.20) Vajrang Dev Chawl(Released 21.06.20),Sethna Chawl(Released 10.06.20),Lotlikar Bldg(Released 25.06.20),Sunlight House(Released 21.06.20),Parekh Niwas(Released 12.06.20),Bit Chawl (Released 21.06.20),Bharat Bld(Released 21.06.20), Chapwala Bldg(Released 13.06.20),Attarwala Bldg(Released 15.06.20),Krishna Niwas(Released 28.06.20),Ganesh Bldg(Released 23.06.20),Halai Lohana Niwas (Released 23.08.20),Brijwasi Bldg(Released 25.06.20),Dhan Bhuvan(Released 04.07.20),Sindhu(Released 30.06.20),Ratan Niwas(Released 08.07.20),151 Dadisheth Agyari Lane (Released 01.07.20)Shamji Chapsi Mansion(Released 18.07.20),57/59 Marine Street (Released 08.07.20),Khwab House(Released 28.07.20),Bldg No.159 Cavel Cross Lane (Released 08.07.20),60J S S Dharamshala (Released 07.07.20),Lalwani Mansion(Released 08.07.20),Laxmi Niwas(Released 23.07.20),Bit Chawl No. 4 (Released 22.07.20),Lohana Bldg(Released 30.07.20), Arvikar Bldg(Released 23.07.20),Tara House(Released 23.07.20), Mangaldas Bldg(Released 08.08.20),16/2 Shankar Bari Lane (Released 25.07.20),J.K.Bhatia Soc.(Released 11.08.20),Mehru Villa(Released 30.07.20),Near

Chandanwadi Smasanwadi(Released 01.08.20),Above Deepika Jwellers(Released 06.08.20),Shiv Sadan(Released 15.08.20),Muunarlal Mansion(Released 12.08.20),Bmc School Office(Released 07.08.20),Gomati Apt(Released 15.08.20),Parishram Bldg(Released 09.08.20),Gontiya Appartment(Released 15.08.20),Opp Marine Palace Bldg(Released 21.08.20),Kamla Bhavan(Released 25.08.20), Vishram Bhavan(Released 04.08.20),Roop Milan(Released 29.08.20),Bakaria House(Released30.08.20),37Tadwadi(Relased 13.09.20),Marker House(Released 04.09.20),Morarji Velji Compound(Relased17.09.20),25 Tadwadi(Released 08.09.20),Navi Wadi (Released 09.09.20),Singhariya Wadi (Released17.09.20),Lakhapati Bldg(Released 10.09.20),Shiv Sadan Bldg(Released 10.09.20),Desai Bldg(Relased 10.09.20),Parekh Niwas (Released 12.09.20),10/12 Mahadeo Shankar Road (Released 12.09.20),Vijeram Derchand (Released12.09.20), Om Shanti Bhuvan (Released 27.09.20),Nitin Vishnu Mitra Mandal(Released 16.09.20),Tadwadi Naka (Released 16.09.20),Chandramahal (Released19.09.20), Chunawala Bldg (Released20.09.20),Samarth Niwas(Released 27.09.20),Riddhi Siddhi Bldg(Released26.09.20),Suryavanshi Bhavan(Released28.09.20),Manok Bhavan(Released30.09.20),J.K.Bldg(Released30.09.20),Vajeram Devchand Bldg(Released30.09.20),Laxmi Niwas(Released02.10.20),Suryawanshi Bhavan(Released03.10.20),5 Laxmi Niwas (Released04/10/20),90 Hill Sagar(Released 05.10.20),Borze Chawl Released06.10.20),Shirin Manzil(Released13.10.20),433Sukanya Niwas(Released09.10.20),Tarikh Niwas(Released09.10.20),Dulex House(Released09.10.20),Dudhwala Bldg(Released11.10.2020),Kotkar Bldg(Released11.10.20),Ganesh Bhuvan (Released21.10.20),Shivsadan(Released14.10.20),Yashwant Chawl(Released15.10.20),Shivsadan(Released15.10.20),Jagruti Krupa(Released16.10.20),Navikar Marg(Released27.10.20),Ram Niwas(Released28.10.20),J.K.Bhata Chs(Released22.10.20),159/161 Released22.10.20),H.L.Niwas(Released25.10.20),Samarth Niwas(Released25.10.20),Sunlight Bldg(Released25.10.20),Nimmakwala Bldg(Released25.10.20),Gavliwadi(Released25.10.20),Parekh

C 12 400003 Vivek Building(Released 10.05.20), Jayram Bhere (Released 05.06.20),Khemka Bhavan(Released 13.08.20),Dhanji Mulji Bldg(Released 30.05.20),Kansar Chawl(Released 29.05.20),Mukund Bhavan(Released 02.06.20), Narrotamwadi(Released 05.06.20),132F Bhagatwadi (Released 01.06.20),Jarmal Anex Bldg(Released 17.07.20),343/D Badam Wadi (Released 18.06.2020),Solanki Niwas (Released 06.08.2020),Rele Chawl(Released 11.07.2020),Ganesh Bhuvan(Released 17.06.20),Bldg No. 19/21 (Released 15.06.20),91 M Koliwadi(Released 09.07.20),Borichi Chawl(Released 23.06.20),126 D Jagnnath Chawl (Released 10.07.20),Dawoodji Bldg(Released 09.06.20),118/122 Jagannath Chawl(Released 20.06.20),62 Ramwadi(Released 11.06.20),63Rele Bldg(Released 20.06.20),68 Bit Chawl (Released 21.06.20),Joshi Wadi (Released 13.06.20),14/18 Vithoba Lane (Released 17.06.20), 39 Rele Bldg (Released 14.06.20),116Naraya Dhruv(Released 14.06.20),108C Jagannath Chawl(Released 26.06.20),63Cfanaswadi(Released 31.07.20),37 Memon Street(Released 15.06.20),Moti Bldg(Released 16.06.20),366/368 Diamond Mansion (Released 18.06.20),91 J Koliwadi (Released 06.09.20),39 Chatrabhuj (Released 18.06.20),Nijam Bldg (Released 18.06.20),Anand Bhavan 19.06.20),91E Koliwadi (Released 20.06.20),39 Chatrabhuj (Released 04.08.20),39 Chatrabhuj (Released 27.06.20),126 Kabutarkhana(Released 22.06.20),Popatwadi (Released 30.06.20),91 E Pachwat Wadi (Released (02.07.20),Nakhuda Bldg(Released 24.06.20), 115 Koliwadi, Makwana 51 (Released 08.08.20),Bhatia Mahajan Wadi(Released 05.07.20),Malvani Chawl(Released 30.06.20),91B Koliwadi(Released 11.07.20),Swaminarayan Bldg(Released 14.08.20),Ajanta Chambar(Released 15.08.20),419 Joshiwadi (Released 30.06.20),91C Koliwadi(Released 26.06.20),Ayyar Manzil(Released 28.06.20),129Bldg(Released 30.06.20),Vasudev Bldg(Released 11.07.20),Siya House(Released 31.07.20),Morarji Velji Bldg(Released 19.07.20),407 Crofred Market (Released 16.07.20),25/27 M S S Lane (Released 17.07.20),Daimond Mansion(Released 18.07.20),K P Bldg (Released 21.07.20),Cooper Bldg (Released 30.07.20),Kataria Bldg (Released 02.08.20),91K Koliwadi(Released 30.07.20),Sabu Bhuvan (Released 12.08.20),294C Govindwadi(Released26.07.20),Jaywanti Chawl(Released 26.07.20),Kansara Chawl (Released 05.08.20),Patwa Chawl(Released 04.08.20),Laxmi Bhavan(Released 08.08.20),Halai Bhatia Mahajan Wadi (Released 09.08.20),Lohar Chawl (Released 12.08.20),Ganesh Bhavan(Released 13.08.20),Gyan Bldg(Released 16.08.20),Chikhal House(Released 13.08.20),Mali Walji(Released 17.08.20),Amrut Niwas(Released 20.08.20),27/29 Kolbhat Lane(Released 21.08.20),Gaurakshak Bldg(Released 02.09.20),Pathanwala Bldg(Released 21.08.20),Radanshi Jivraj Bldg (Released 21.08.20),Sitaram Bldg(Released 21.08.20),Old Sitaram Bldg (Released 24.08.20),Akshar Bhuvan(Released 24.08.20),413C Vasant Wadi(Released 28.08.20),Narayan Niwas(Released 24.08.20),398A Old Bhatia Mahajan Wadi(Released 04.09.20),Shree Kapreshwar Kripa (Released 04.09.20),23/25 Kolbhat Lane(Released 01.09.20),Hussain Bldg(Released 05.09.20),93B Raut Estate(Released 04.09.20),Krishna Niwas(Released 09.09.20),43Ramwadi(Released 03.09.20),Madhavji Thakarji Bldg(Released 06.09.20),Kotkar House(Released 06.09.20),Vivek Bldg(Released 09.09.20),2048 Lohar Chawl(Released 09.09.20),Laxmi Niwas(Released10.09.20),Moti Bldg(Released 10.09.20),Ramnath Sadan (Released12.09.20),Ganga Niwas (Released12.09.20),Padamshi Morarji Bldg(Released12.09.20),Jagannath Chawl (Released 14.09.20),Jagannath Chawl(Released 15.09.20),Ramdas Ramchandra Bldg(Released16.09.20),384 B Dabholkar Wadi(Released17.09.20),Khuochand Mention(Released18.09.20),Old Halai Bhatia Mahajan Wadi(Released 03.10.20),Jagnnath Chawl(Released19.09.20),Kapol Bank Bldg(Released 26.09.20),Tawa Vala Bldg(Released 22.09.20),Mohan Silver Palace(Released 23.09.20),Shreenath Jewellers(Released 23.09.20),Cr Gold Shop(Released 23.09.20),Jagannath Chawl(Released 23.09.20),B30A Jk Sinthetics(Released 23.09.20),54/55 Between Shop(Released 23.09.20),384 M Jain

C 13 400003 Sighriya Bldg(Released 10.05.20),Karnolak Mahal(Released 17.05.20),Hemrajwadi B Room No 46(Released 24.05.20),Hemrajwadi 29/31(Released 02.06.20),14/C Zaobawadi(Released 02.06.20),17 Zaobawadi(Released 27.06.20),Radha Bldg(Released 16.06.20),,Dama Bldg(Released

23.06.20),Dagadi Bldg(Released 24.06.20),Laxmichand Niwas(Released 02.07.20), 318F Kamat Chawl(Released 07.08.20),Purshottam Kanji Chawl(Released 10.08.20),23/25 Zaoba Wadi (Released 10.08.20),Padhe Bldg (Released 24.07.20), 12A Purushottam Kanji Chawl(Released

11.07.20),318 C Kamat Chawl (Released 12.07.20),Laxmi Narayan Bldg(Released30.07.20),18 Shiv Sadan(Released 04.08.20),316D Hemraj Wadi(Released 11.07.20),23E Zaoba Wadi(Released 14.07.20),11 Shanti Sadan(Released 08.08.20),32E Hemraj Wadi(Released 17.07.20), Seth

Block(Released 23.07.20),Chawl No. 06 Lilawati Chotu Chawl (Released 23.07.20),Parekh Bldg(Released25.08.20),Appa Baug Bldg(Released 31.07.20),Shri Bhuvan(Released 25.07.20),316A Hemraj Wadi(Released 28.07.20),21B Laxmibai(Released 04.08.20)Parshuram Bldg (Released

28.07.20),316 C Hemraj Wadi (Released 29.07.20),Lilawati Chotu Chawl(Released 01.08.20),Mangaldas Bldg(Released 08.08.20),316D Hemrajwadi(Released 09.08.20), Indira Bldg(Released 06.08.20),Atmaram Bldg(Released 11.08.20), Paw Wala Bldg(Released 14.08.20),Cotwala Bldg(Released 16.08.20),Dinshaw Bldg(Released 16.08.20),Ganeshkripa Bldg(Released 18.08.20),419D Joshiwadi(Released 23.08.20),Shree Bhavan(Released 23.08.20),Shree Bhavan Bldg (Released 26.08.20),Bataram House(Released 02.09.20),Gaon Soc. Bldg(Released 07.09.20),Laxmibai Chawl (Released17.09.20),Devidas Bhavan (Released 14.09.20),Shanti Sadan (Released 21.09.20),3/5/7 Seth Block (Released 14.09.20),33 Karelwadi (Rleased19.09.20),Bldg No.14(Released21.09.20),Sukhsadan(Released26.09.20),17/183 Gulab Bhavan(Released 23.09.20),22 Karelwadi (Released30.09.20),Wazeer Bldg(Released25.09.20),12C Zaobawadi,Joshi Bldg(Released29.09.20),Hemraj Wadi Cpo 316 C Wing

(Released04.10.20),Kumana House(Released08.10.20),Dina Bldg(Released08.10.20),Parekh Bldg(Released08.10.20),Pandya Mansion(Released14.10.20),Phadke Bldg(Released17.10.20),Savitri Prasad Bldg(Released12.10.20),Atmaram Bldg(Released25.10.20),Laxmichandra Niwas(Released14.10.20),Vishamrut Bldg(Released20.10.20),Laxmibai Chawl Released24.10.20),Marvali Bldg(Released28.10.20),Bldg No. 6(Released31.10.20),Shanti Sadan(Released31.10.20),Chorge Bldg(Active04.12.20),Atmaram Bldg(Active04.12.20),27 Karelwadi(Active05.12.20),Jiwakar Chambur(Active06.12.20)(75 Chawls In Thakurdwar Area)(Total =75,Declared = 04, Released=71),Ganesh Baug,,Thakurdwar

C 14 400003 Bldg No.19 Panchayatwadi(Released 21.05.20),95/99 Bhuleshwar Road(Released 21.05.20),Jai Hind Estate(Released 19.07.20), Bldg No. 33/77 Atmaram Merchant Road(Released 24.05.20),Anuj Bhavan(Released 28.05.20),Panchayatwadi Bldg(Released 29.05.20),Saraswari Niwas(Released 01.06.20), Kalyan Bldg(Released 02.06.20), Lal Mani Bldg(Released 18.06.20),Davji Bldg(Released 03.06.20),Mukhara Chawl(Released 09.06.20),45 Panchayat Wadi(Released 08.06.20),Kakoli House(Released 09.06.20),Kabutarkhana Circle(Released 16.06.20),Anantwadi Bldg(Released 11.07.20), Mulji Takarsy Bldg(Released 22.06.20),Godji Chawl(Released 01.07.20),Lalbaula Mandir(Released 25.06.20),Bldg No 6/8 Anant Wadi Nagar Niwas (Released 04.07.20),Ambadham Bldg(Released 03.07.20),Jai Hind Bldg(Released 01.07.20),Anantwadi Bldg(Released 31.07.20),3Rd Bhoiwada Mota Mandir(Released 11.08.20),Bhagat Tarachand Hotel(Released 16.07.20),Bagicha Chawl(Released 05.08.20),Patrawala Bldg(Released 15.08.20),Lotwala Bldg(Released 30.08.20),Flat No, 37 Bmc Market(Released 28.08.20),Mota Mandir Trust(Released 03.09.20),Ratansi Javraj Bldg(Released 03.09.20),Bldg No.18 Kapol Wadi(Released 08.09.20),Bihari Baug (Released10.09.20),Swaminarayan Bldg(Released12.10.20),116 Mahavir Sadan (Released 15.09.20),Lalbawala Haveli (Released18.09.20),Shyam Sadan(Released20.09.20),Chana Shop Under Somji Bldg(Released 23.09.20),7Th Bldg(Released28.09.20),Shreenathji Released30.09.20),41Bldg(Released01.10.20),Binaxi Bldg(Released02.10.20),Lalbawa Haveli(Released03.10.20),106Mani Bhavan(Released03.10.20),Moti Bhavan(Released07.10.20),Manohar Bldg(Released09.10.2020),Mahalaxmi Mansion(Released15.10.20),Panjrapol Compound(Released16.10.20),Swaminarayan Bldg Released19.10.20),Shreenathji Bldg(Released22.10.20),Nemani Wadi Released23.10.20),Shreenath Bldg(Active27.10.20),Bldg No. 19(Released31.10.20),21/23(Released03.11.20),Bldg No. 39(Released06.11.20),Somji Bldg(Released09.11.20),153(Released13.11.20),Jagalasha Bldg(Released27.11.20),Panjrapol Bldg(Active04.12.20)(58 Chawls In Bhuleshwar Area)(Total =58, Declared = 2,Released=56),Panchayatwadi,,Bhuleshwar

C 15 400004 Mahavir Mansion(Released 07.05.20),Dwarkadas Mansion(Released 16.05.20),Kanchwala Bldg(Released 19.05.20),Bldg No. 128(Released 20.05.20),Shop No. 9662(Released 21.05.20),Patrawala Bldg(Released 22.05.20),Tayyabi Manzil Bldg No. 51(Released 24.05.20),122 Mahavir Mansion (Released 27.05.20),Bldg No. 29(Released 28.05.20),Bldg No. 69/70(Released 27.05.20), Hasam Mansion (Released 28.05.20),45/A Ram Galli(Released 30.05.20),Taufa Bldg(Released 29.05.20),Aba Bldg(Released 15.08.20),4/6 B P Lane(Released 01.06.20), Lokhandwala Bldg(Released 14.06.20),Amina Mansion(Released 03.06.20),Telwala Bldg(Released 09.06.20),Zakira Patel Bldg(Released 20.06.20), Mogal Bldg(Released 03.07.20),Noor Bhoy(Released 05.07.20),Zariwala Bldg(Released 13.07.20),Ghogari Mohalla(Released 20.07.20),Moghul Bldg (Released 25.08.20),Husain Bhai Mansion(Released 27.08.20),Chabildas Bldg(Released 05.09.20),Fatka Mazil Room No. 34(Released 06.09.20),Bldg No.20 (Released 13.09.20), Bhansali Bldg (Released18.09.20),508 Jamnabai Bldg(Released20.09.20), 467Husainbhai Mansion(Released20.09.20),191B (Released25.09.20),Hanifabai Bldg(Released29.09.20),Kika Bhay Mansion(Released 23.09.20),Shetty Bldg(Released 23.09.20),45 Akbar House(Released29.09.20),Hasam Mansion(Released03.10.20),219A Kika Street(Released04.10.20),90 Armila Mansion (Released05.10.20),Ebrahim Fatabhai Bldg(Released17.10.20),Hinglaj Bhavan 36 40(Released21.10.20),24 New Sonawala Bldg 47(Released27.10.20),Bldg No. 477(Released22.10.20),Haji Mansion Bldg(Released26.10.20),Dwarka Bhuvan Released27.10.20),Bombay Novelty(Released30.10.20),Harichandra Rupchandra Bldg(Released01.11.20),Jariwala Bldg(Released15.11.20),Govind Niwas(Active05.12.20),Khalil Bldg(Active06.12.20)(50 Chawls In Null Bazar Area)(Total =50, Declared = 2, Released=48),Gulalwadi,,Null Bazar

D 16 400004 Jayant Apartment, Mumbaidevi Bldg, Kakadwadi, Keshavji Naik Chawl,Ratan Niwas, Gurukrupa Building, Kanji Khetsi Bldg, B/50 Dhudhwala Building,Kanji Khetji Bldg,Cooper Bldg,Shate Bldg, Narayan Wadi, Kanji Khetji Chawl, Shantaram Chawl,Arya Samaj Bldg,Bhabha Chawl, Kalyan Building / Subhash Bhavan/ /Hazi Ismail Bldg, Shrikrishana Bhavan, J J Bldg, 65 C, Pandurang Balbhadri Chawl,,Sadashiv Cross Lane,Khadilkar Rd, Opp Sadashiv Lane, 6Th Kumbharwada,Kandawadi,Girgaon

D 17 400004 Ganga Niwas,Kishor Bhavan, Khanderao Bldg, Lad Niwas Sandesh Villa Bldg,Laxmi Niwas,Twasta Kashal Chawl,Knaibai Chawl Matrupitrukrupa Bldg, R.K.Wadi, Sandesh Villa, Rasdhara Society,Kanbai Chawl / Bhuvan, Maharaj Mention Radhabai Chawl Contractor Building,31 Vasant Niwas, R. No.13, Dr.D. D. Sathe Marg, Sudha Apt,Janta Heritage,Khrishvi Height,Khanderao Bldg, Goregaonkar Lane, Twasta Kasar Chawl,Sukhanand Chawl, Siddharth

Mension,Vp Road,,Khadilkar Road,,R R Marg,Girgaon

D 18 400004 Parekhwadi, Urankarwadi, Jitekarwadi Bldg Ghadyalwali Chawl, Amarwadi,Sukhani Sadan,Jayram Kanji Bldg, Bldg No 9 / Bedekar Sadan 74, Swami Samarth Nagar, Choghadewala, Raut Bldg,Ghadyalachi Chawl Near Santinbai Math,Nr. Nawakal Press, Mugbhat Lane, Babasaheb Jaykar Rd,,Girgaon, Thakurdwar

D 19 400006 Sagar Nagar, Rameshwar Temple, Mata Parvati Nagar Rashivashi Sangh,Patel Estate, Jamnagari Chawl,Ganga Mahal, Ganga Ashram,Ramkund Nagar /Ramnath Ghat /Chhatre Chawl,Kalimata Nagar,Diamond Nagar, Puranand, Ganga Yatan,33 Staff Quarters, Sakharkar Chawl,Chakaldas Ghat,Shivaji Nagar,Shastri Bhavan,Ram Kund Nagar,Ganga Lahari, Gangajal Chawl, Guru Maharaj Chawl, Chatre Chawl,Prem Nagar Zopadapatti, Ramnath Compound, Ganjawala Chwal, Kuwarbai Chawl,,Walkeshwar, Banganga, Dongarsi Road,,,Walkeshwar

D 20 400007 Bmc Chawl,P G Solanki Marg,,Db Marg,Grant Road

D 21 400007 Bhaskar Building,,French Bridge,Gaondevi,Mumbai

D 22 400034 Bldg No 1, Rehmatbhai Bldg Jariwala Chawl, Shivram Bane Chawl, Ganjawala Bldg, R. N. 396, Sane Guruji Marg, J K Mehta Chawl, Ambika Bhavan, Bhat

Chawl,,Sane Guruji Marg,Tardeo

E 23 400008 Haji Kasam Chawl,Siddharth Nagar,Tambuwadi Chawl,Bbabu Kapadia Chawl,Shanak Pupala Marg,Duncan Road,Khandia Street,Byculla,Nagpada

E 24 400008 Bit Chawl No.2, Kasam Hati Chawl,Chandramani Buddha Vihar,New Lambi Chawl,Vidyut Locoshed,Bmc Chawl, Suchak Building,1St,9Th,4Thand 7Th

Lane,Kamathipura,Amin Patel Office,Byculla

E 25 400008 Bit Chawl No.2 &3,Wadi Bunder,Love Lane,Jm Rathod Marg,Mazgaon,Byculla

E 26 400008 Nayee Chawl,Aksa Manzil,Noorani Chawl,Adam Siddhiqui Chawl,Chasma Vali Chawl,Mestry Ki Chawl,3Rd Gelabai Lane,Ma Road, Sakali Street,Ghosht

Bajar,Badlu Rangari Street,Meghraj Sethi Marg,Meghraj City Zopadpati, 2Nd Gelabai Madanpura,Mazgaon,Byculla

E 27 400010 Tulsiwadi Chawl,Kawla Bunder Darukhana, Dr Sanjay Dalvi Clinic,Abu Bukar Chawl Shanti Nagar,Sunni Kabrastan,Lakdi Bunder,Kasara Bunder,Bori Chawl,Amina Mandir,Ambevadi Beithi Chawl,Central Railway Chawl No.6,Kalsekar Chawl,Bansilal Panelal Chawl,Dogarbaba Zopadpatti,Gun Powder Road,Reay Road,New Tank Bunder Road,Sant Savata Marg,Matarpakadi Road, Hussain Patel Marg, D'Lima Street,Darukhana,Marriamma Mandir,Reay Road

E 28 400010 Bit Chawl,St. Merry Road,Bit Chawl,Mazgaon

E 29 400010 Sanjay Gandhi Nagar,J J Marg,Railway Compound,Mazgaon

E 30 400010 Anjirwadi Chawl,Dr Mascarenhas Road,,Mazgaon

E 31 400011 Transit Camp, Suryaji Compound,Patra Chawl,Bmc Chawl Milind Nagar,Tank Pakadi Road,Transit Camp, Lucky Compound, Khatau Mill, Opp. Shamim


E 32 400011 Bit Chawl,Kikabai Chawl,Mg Marg,Rb Chandorkar Marg,Bit Chawl,Agripada

E 33 400011 Lambi Cement Chawl,Bit Talwadi Chawl,Bj Marg, Saint Merry Road,Kamathipura,Byculla

E 34 400011 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

E 35 400011 Vithal Sadan Maruti Gully,N.M Joshi Marg,,Byculla

E 36 400011 56J Rasuljiva Compound,Modern Mill Zopdi,Kk Road 7Th Rasta, Sane Guruji Marg,Jacob Circle,Byculla

E 37 400012 Shivshakti Building, Sahakar Sadan, K3 Pirani Niwas, Jain Chawl, Dl Pain Chawl,,Telli Gully,Chinchpokli,Chinchpokli

E 38 400027 New Irani Chawl,Shinde Chawl,Abdul Rauf Manzil,Desai Chawl,Chaskar Chawl,R.B. Marg,Kapreshwar Mandir,Byculla

E 39 400027 Khan Building,Warden Chawl,Haji Allana Compound, Dhoti Wala Chawl, Tata Comp, Humaya Bldg, Seqveria Comp,S S Marg,Mustafa Bazar,Byculla

E 40 400033 Kandi Karkhana,Abhinandan Nivas No.4, Keshav Borkar Chawk, Yeola Bldg, Urvali Galli, Raju Kamathi Chawl, Jainab Bldg, Ashwini Sco, New Bawan

Chawl, Old Bawan Chawl, 5 Kalshiwadi, Metkari House, Chandra Bhaga Bldg Nr By Zopadpatti,R B Marg,Ghodapdeo,Ghodapdeo

FN 41 400022 ,Panchashil,Sion

FN 42 400022 ,Sunder Kamla Nagar,Sion

FN 43 400022 ,Shastri Nagar,Pratiksha Nagar

FN 44 400031 ,Wadala Village,Wadala West

FN 45 400037 X,Salt Pan Road,Bhaiyyasaheb Nagar,Wadala East

FN 46 400037 X,,Bhartiya Kamla Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

FN 47 400037 X,,Kokri Agar,Antop Hill Wadala

FN 48 400037 X,,Korba Mithagar,Wadala East

FN 49 400037 X,,Sangam Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

FN 50 400037 X,,Shanti Nagar,Antop Hill Wadala

FN 51 400037 ,Indira Nagar,Sion Koliwada

FS 52 400012 Bit Chawl,Vitthal Chavan Marg,Bit Chawl,Parel

FS 53 400012 Khoja Kasam Chawl,J Merwanji Street,,Khoja Kasam Chawl,Parel

FS 54 400012 Kem Hostel,Ernest Borges Road,Kem Hostel,Parel

FS 55 400012 Ramdoot Chawl,Sane Guruji Marg,Ramdoot Chawl,Chinchpokli

FS 56 400012 Habib Mansion,Dr. B A Road,Habib Mansion,Lalbaug

FS 57 400012 Sudam Bhavan,Sane Guruji Marg,Sudam Bhavan,Chinchpokli

FS 58 400012 Yashwant Chawl,Rajkamal Lane,Yashwant Chawl,Parel

FS 59 400012 Meghwadi Chawl,S S Rao Road,Meghwadi Chawl,Lalbaug

FS 60 400012 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl

,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

FS 61 400014 Spring Mill,Gd Ambekar Marg,Spring Mill,Dadar

FS 62 400014 Kohinoor Mill Chawl,M.J. Phule Road,Kohinoor Mill Chawl,Dadar

FS 63 400014 Hawabai Chawl,Pansare Chawl,Pani Kahte Chawl 564,Vasudev Vinayak Chawl,N. M. Joshi Marg,Arthur Road Naka,Chinchpokli

FS 64 400014 Naigaon Police Quarters,Naigaon Cross Road,Naigaon Police Quarters,Dadar

FS 65 400014 Ahmed Sellor Compound,B J Devrukhkar Road,Ahmed Sellor Compound,Dadar

FS 66 400014 Gautam Nagar,Dadasaheb Phalke Road,Gautam Nagar,Dadar

FS 67 400014 Maharashtra Guest House,Dr. B A Road,Maharashtra Guest House,Dadar

FS 68 400015 Gopal Baug Slum,T J Road,Gopal Baug Slum,Sewree

FS 69 400015 Ganesh Baug Slum,T J Road,Ganesh Baug Slum,Sewree

FS 70 400015 Indira Nagar,Haji Bunder Road,,Indira Nagar,Sewree

FS 71 400015 Ganeh Nagar & Shri Krishna Nagar,Acharya Donde Marg,Ganeh Nagar & Shri Krishna Nagar,Sewree

FS 72 400033 Jijamata Nagar And Parshuram Nagar,G D Ambekar Marg,Jijamata Nagar And Parshuram Nagar,Kalachowky

GN 73 400016 Sagar Mahim Chs,Near Barc Colony,Veer Savarkar Marg,Mahim

GN 74 400016 Opp To 15 No Building,Vaidya Chawl Near Sadguru Medical,Mahim,Mahim

GN 75 400016 Mahim Causeway Rd,Mahim Koliwada,Mahim,Mahim

GN 76 400016 Vikram Appartment,Bhagat Lane,Near Icici Bank,Mahim

GN 77 400016 Maslawala,Behind Bus Depot,Mahim

GN 78 400016 Almina Apt,,,Mahim West,Mahim West

GN 79 400016 Vaidya Niwas,Mori Road,Near Vittal Mandir,Mahim West

GN 80 400016 Anand Bhuvan,T H Kataria Marg,Mahim,Mahim

GN 81 400016 New Girgaonkar Wadi,Sitladevi Temple Rd,Opp Uttpal Park,Mahim

GN 82 400016 Konkan Nagar,Lt Kotnis Marg,,Mahim

GN 83 400016 Mahim West,,,Mahim

GN 84 400016 Chawl No 11,B R No 12,Bhagat Lane Mahim Near Star City,Mahim

GN 85 400016 Sai Krupa Soc,Behind Muncipal School,M M C Cross Road,Mahim

GN 86 400016 Lever Mansion,Shitaladevi Temple,Mahim,Mahim

GN 87 400016 Kanakia Miami Mori Road,Behind Mahim Bus Depot,,Mahim

GN 88 400017 Saibaba Nagar Zopadpatti,90 Feet Road,Saibaba Nagar,Dharavi

GN 89 400017 Laxmi Baug Zopadpatti,Lbs Marg,90 Feet Road,Laxmi Baug,Dharavi

GN 90 400017 Azad Hind Chs,Mk Lalachawl Dharavi,Dharavi,Dharavi

GN 91 400017 Shahu Nagar,Mahim East,Dharavi,Dharavi

GN 92 400017 Gopinath Colony No 2,Behind Kadariya Masjid Sion,Dharavi Mumbai,Dharavi

GN 93 400017 Shivshakti Nagar,Dharavi,Dharavi,Dharavi

GN 94 400017 Rajiv Gandhi Nagar,Opp Dharavi Bus Stop,Dharavi,Dharavi

GN 95 400017 M L Camp,Chawl No 21,Dharavi,Dharavi

GN 96 400017 Shivlal Patra Chawl,St. Xavier Street, Bhoiwada,Shivlal Patra Chawl,Parel

GN 97 400017 ,,Dharavi

GN 98 400017 Chawl No 3,New Municipal Chawl,Behind New Municipal Chawl Sant Kakkaya Marg,Dharavi

GN 99 400017 Cvhawl No 966,Indira Nagar,Sion Dharavi,Dharavi

GN 100 400017 Om Sai Chawl,Rajiv Handhi Nagar,Peela Bunglow,Dharavi

GN 101 400017 Shatabdi Chs,Pmgp Colony,Dharavi Main Road,Dharavi

GN 102 400017 20 Dabhawala Compound,Near Dr Kadir Dispensary,60 Feet Road,Dharavi

GN 103 400017 Shankar Kawada Chawl,Dharavi 17,Shankar Mandir Mumbai,Dharavi

GN 104 400017 Pv Chawl Main,90Ft Road,90Ft Road,Dharavi

GN 105 400017 ,,Dharavi

GN 106 400017 R No-10,Saint Rohidas Marg,Near Sion Railway Station,Dharavi

GN 107 400017 ,,Dharavi

GN 108 400017 T Junction,,,Dharavi

GN 109 400017 Shamu Anthony,Koli Chalw No,,Dharavi

GN 110 400017 Parashi Chawl,Near Soin Bandra,,Dharavi

GN 111 400017 Prabhu Samtha,Sion Dharavi,,Dharavi

GN 112 400017 Kamala Nagar,Near Kamrajagr School,Dharavi,Dharavi

GN 113 400017 Rajiv Gandhi Nagar,Near Dharavi Bus Depot,Dharavi

GN 114 400017 Area No-04,Near Sai Baba Mandir,Hanuman Mandir,Dharavi Labour Camp

GN 115 400017 Dhravi Camsist Camp,Block No 8,,Dharavi

GN 116 400017 Saibaba Nagar,Opp Himalaya Hotel,95Th Road,Dharavi

GN 117 400017 Chawl No 7,Matumga Labour Camp,Msreb Matunga,Dharavi

GN 118 400017 Milind Nagar,Etra Mitra,Mandal Matunga Labiur Matunga,Dharavi

GN 119 400017 Subhashchandra Bose Chs,Subhashchandra Bose Chs,,Sion Dharavi

GN 120 400019 R No-6 B Ward, T H Kataria Road, T H Kataria Road,Matunga

GN 121 400019 Nityanand Nagar,Dr Ambedkar Road,Ambedkar Road,Matunga

GN 122 400028 Nalini Nivas Dadar West,Nalini Nivas Dadar West,Dadar,Dadar

GN 123 400028 Mhatre Wadi,Bhavani Shankar Road,Dadar West,Dadar

GN 124 400028 Kasturchand Mill Comound,Bhavani Shankar Road,Dadar West,Dadar

GN 125 400028 Ramdas Dharamdas Wadi,Bhavani Shankar Road,Dadar W,Dadar

GN 126 400028 Laxmi Sadan,Gokhale Road,Dadar West Mumbai,Dadar

GN 127 400028 Satya Niwas,Gokhale Road,Gokhale Road,Dadar

GN 128 400028 Bal Govind Society,B 30,Dadar,Dadar

GN 129 400028 48 A M B Kawali Wadi,Near Jakhadevi Mandir,Gokhale Road,Dadar

GN 130 400028 Anand Bharti,Dr M B Raut Road,Shivaji Park,Dadar

HE 131 400051 Amrut Nagar, Government Colony, Razak Chawl,Bhinde Shop, Murlidhar Chawl, Shanti Bhavan Chs,Amrut Nagar,,Kherwadi,Bandra (E)

HE 132 400051 Hinga Galli, Madina Building, Ahmed Zakeria Nagar, Hajiki Chawl, Malan Galli, Enabuy Galli, Kolsewadi Galli, Haji Suleman Chawl, Lakdawaala

Galli,,Beharampada,Bandra (E)

HE 133 400051 Basera Society, Pathar Nagar, Islampura,Hardeva Chadaliya,,Bharat Nagar, Valmiki Nagar,Bandra (E)

HE 134 400051 Jai Ma Sharada Rahivasi Sevak,,Dnyaneshwar Nagar,Bandra (E)

HE 135 400051 ,Jawahar Nagar,Khar (E)

HE 136 400055 Gajanan Rahivasi Sangh, Mahakali Shivshankar, Sai Kreeda Mandal, Kamlakar Patil Chwal, Waman Tamboli Chawl, Harishchandra Vijay Chawl, Zula Bai Matre Chawl, Amaladar Singh Chawl, Jb Desouza Chawl, Rajput Chawl, Siddhivinayak Chawl, Sahakar Chawl,,Agripada,Santacruz (E)

HE 137 400055 Mosambi Tabela,Murgaon Chawl, Lasun Vali Church,Milind Nagar,Shubrmaniyam Nagar, Anushakti Chawl,,Gaondevi- D'Mello Compound,Santacruz


HE 138 400055 Gate No 1,Shri Ram Chawl Comette,Baburao Gupta Chawl,Gate No 2,Lok Seva Mitra Mandal,Gaiwala Chawl,Buddhavihar Chawl,Sonawane Chawl, Gupta Chawl,,Hanuman Tekdi,Santacruz (E)

HE 139 400055 Doctor Chawl,Adarsh Lane,,,Dawari Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 140 400055 Milan Chawl,Abdul Rasul Tailor Chawl,Gomes Chawl,Sambhaji Seva Mandal,Gurubaksha Punjabi Chawl,Sanjivani Society,Nanku Singh Chawl,Manohar Compound,Ram Raj Sharma Chawl,Pragati Chawl,Bori Chawl,Rambahdur Yadav Chawl,Ram Shankar Chawl,,,Golibar,Santacruz (E)

HE 141 400055 Sanmitra Mandal,New Sahkar, Prerna Mandal, New Chawl,Lokmanya Tilak Nagar,Amar Hindi Mandal, Vijay Nagar, Seva Sangh,,Patel Nagar, Maratha Colony, Indra Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 142 400055 Mk Patel Nagar, Yunus Miyan Chawl,,Navpada,Santacruz (E)

HE 143 400055 Parvez Chawl, Ghadiyal Chawl, Shri Ram Tailor Chawl,,Shastri Nagar, Kunchikurve Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 144 400055 Jamli Pada,Old Cst Road,Jamlipada,Santacruz (E)

HE 145 400055 ,Yashwant Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 146 400055 ,Seva Nagar, Asha Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 147 400055 ,Shivaji Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 148 400055 ,Vakola Siddharth Nagar,Santacruz (E)

HE 149 400055 ,Kdamwadi, Chirekhan,Santacruz (E)

HE 150 400055 ,Parsiwadi,Santacruz (E)

HW 151 400054 Gazdharbandh,S B Patil Marg,Gazdharbandh,Santacruz (West)

KE 152 400047 Janta Seva Sangh, Mograpada, Indira Nagar,,Natwar Nagar,Natwar Nagar, Jogeshwari East

KE 153 400047 The Great Indira Nagar,Marol Pipeline,Sahar,Andheri East

KE 154 400057 Ashok Samrat Nagar,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 155 400057 Sambhaji Nagar A Ward,W.E.H,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 156 400057 Ambewadi,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 157 400057 Sambhaji Nagar C Ward,Mc Chagla Marg,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 158 400057 Shastri Nagar,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 159 400057 Shri Ram Nagar,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 160 400057 Jambulkaka Wadi,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 161 400057 Gaothan,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle (E)

KE 162 400059 Hanuman Nagar, Pump House,,Natwar Nagar,Andheri East

KE 163 400059 Sagbaug,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 164 400059 Marol Pipeline North,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 165 400059 Bhandarwada Mapkhan,,Marol,Andheri East

KE 166 400060 Prem Nagar,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 167 400060 Meghwadi,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 168 400060 Harinagar,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 169 400060 Gandhinagar,,Squattars,Jogeshwari East

KE 170 400060 Franciswadi,,Natwar Nagar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 171 400060 Majaswadi,,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari East

KE 172 400060 Shiv Tekdi,,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari East

KE 173 400060 Pratpnagar,Pratapnagar,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 174 400060 Ramwadi,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 175 400060 Samshan Tekdi,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 176 400060 Thakur Nagar,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 177 400060 New Bandrekarwadi,,Ajgaokar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 178 400060 P.P.Dais Compound,,Natwar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 179 400060 Shyam Nagar,,Squattars,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 180 400060 Navalkar Wadi,,Natwar,Jogeshwari ( E)

KE 181 400065 Durga Nagar,,Sunder,Andheri (E)

KE 182 400069 Ambewadi,R K Singh Marg,Natwar Nagar,Andheri East

KE 183 400093 Subhash Nagar,,,Midc,Andheri East

KE 184 400093 Municipal Colony,,Mahakali Gumfa Road,,Sarvoday Nagar,Andheri East

KE 185 400093 Sundar Nagar,,Sarvoday Nagar,Andheri East

KE 186 400099 Parsiwada+Kajuwadi,,Tarun Bharat,Chakala, Andheri East

KE 187 400099 Bamanwada, Ambedkar Nagar,Samrat Ashok Nagar, Ambewadi, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar,,Nehru Road,Andheri East

KE 188 400099 Shanti Nagar,Sahargaon,Sahar,Andheri East

KE 189 400099 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar,,Nehru Road,Vile Parle ( E)

KE 190 400099 Bamanwada Hills,Tarun Bharat,Mc Chagla Marg,Tarun Bharat,Vileparle East

KE 191 400099 Sanjay Nagar,Marol Pipeline,Sahar,Andheri East

KW 192 400049 Ganesh Gully,Vm Road,Nehru Nagar,Andheri W

KW 193 400049 Shivaji Nagar .01,K.K Ganguli Marg,Shivaji Nagar,Santa Cruz West

KW 194 400056 Misqutta Compund,Baji Prabhu Road,Pond Goanthan Old Police Lane,Vile Parle West

KW 195 400058 Junaid Nagar,C D Barfiwala Road,Junaid Nagar,Andheri West

KW 196 400058 Pirubhai Chawl,Ceasar Road,Amboli,Andheri West

KW 197 400058 Pandu Mistri Chawl,Veera Desai Road,Sarotapada,Andheri West

KW 198 400058 Pawar Chawl,V.L Sawant Road,Dhakusheth Pada,Andheri West

KW 199 400058 S.V.Road,Fish Market,Abbu Bakar,Andheri West

KW 200 400061 Ramdev Naik Chawl,Yari Road,Versova Village,Andheri West

KW 201 400102 Bmc Colony Sector 2,New Link Road,Anand Nagar,Jogeshwari West

KW 202 400102 Kismat Nagar,New Link Road,Behram Baug,Jogeshwari West

KW 203 400102 Ram Janak Singh Chawl,Relif Road,Gulshan Nagar,Jogeshwari W

KW 204 400102 Ram Dulhar Chawl,Sahakar Road,Yadav Nagar,Jogeshwari West

KW 205 400102 Nepali Chawl,New Link Road,Vikas Nagar,Jogeshwari West

KW 206 400102 Girija Niwas,Captain Sawant Marg,Shastri Nagar Oshiwara,Jogeshwari West

L 207 400022 Madhu Swapna Chawl, Mohan Nagar,Hill Road,Near Muktadevi Mandir,Chunabhatti

L 208 400024 Navjeevan Rahiwashi Sangh,S.G.Barve Marg,Opp. Kamgar Nagar,Kurla (E) Mumbai

L 209 400070 Wadia Estate,L.B.S.Marg,Bail Bazar,Kurla West

L 210 400070 House No.252,,Christian Village,Kurla W

L 211 400070 Dipu Thorat Chawl,Sonapur Lane,Bailbazar,In Front Of City Hospital

L 212 400070 Usman Gani Chawl,,Takiya Wad,Kurla W

L 213 400072 Jai Durga Housing Society,90 Feet Road,Netaji Nagar, Khadi No 3,Saki Naka

L 214 400072 Paras Chawl, Yadav Nagar,Khairani Road,Sakinaka,Kurla West

L 215 400072 Ram Niwas Chawl,Pipeline Road,Mohilli Village, Near Chhajed Hospital,Sakinaka

L 216 400072 Tilak Nagar, Asalfa,90 Feet Road,Saki Naka,Kurla West

L 217 400072 Dongre Chawl,Pipeline,Mohili Village,Kurla W

L 218 400072 Sai Krishna Society,,Kajupada Pipeline,Near Gavdevi Mandir,Kurla W

L 219 400072 Veer Savar Nagar,,Pedrawadi,Sakinaka,Kurla W

L 220 400072 Uday Nagar Rahivasi Society,,Sakinaka,Opp.State Bank Of India

L 221 400072 Arunuday Chawl,,Tunga Village,Opp.Valmiki Mandir,Chaityawadi,Powai

L 222 400072 Tata Nagar,,Tunga Village

L 223 400072 Gupta Chawl,,Bharat Nagar,Near Ramesh General Store,Chandivali,Near Shiv Dhattani Complex

L 224 400084 Sindhudurg Society,,Asalfa Village,Ghatkopar W

L 225 400084 Saalik Singh Chawl,Pipeline Road,Asalfa Village,Ghatkopar W

L 226 400086 Jai Maharashtra Chawl,Sane Guruji Nagar,N.S.S Road,Asalfa Village,Ghatkpoar West

ME 227 400043 Indira Nagar,Padma Nagar,Rd No 14,15,Baiganwadi

ME 228 400043 Kamala Raman Nagar,Mohamadiya Masjid,Dumping Road,Kamla Raman Nagar,Shivaji Nagar

ME 229 400043 Garib Nawaz Masjid,Rd No 5,6,Shivaji Nagar,Shivaji Nagar

ME 230 400043 Shiv Navlai Chawl,Maharshtra Nagar,Shivaji Maidan,Maharashtra Nagar,Mankhurd

ME 231 400043 Deonar Municipal Colony,Sakarm Patil Marg,Municipal Colony,Deonar

ME 232 400094 Patt Nagar Dhobhi Ghat,,,Trombay MW 233 400071 R C Barrack,Inlaks Hospital,Near Lal Mithi Garden,Indira Nagar, Old Chembur Camp, Old Barrack, Shivshakti Nagar, Collector Colony,Samrat Ashok, C G Marg, R C Marg, Collector Colony,,Chembur Camp,Chembur

MW 234 400071 Vatsalatai Nagar,Kurla Signal,Nr. Kurla Signal,Chembur

MW 235 400071 Lal Dongar, Subedar Ambedkar, Hindu Soc., Near Bmc School, Dr. Ambedkar Chawl, Samarth Nagar,Near Sion Trombay Road,Suman Nagar, Lal Dongar,Chembur

MW 236 400071 Shramjivi Nagar, Thakker Bhappa, Saibaba Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Shell Colony, Yashomati, Shell Colony,Shell Colony, Service Road,Thakker Bhappa Colony,Chembur

MW 237 400071 Shiddhart Colony, Shidhodhan Nagar, Ganesh Nagar,,Near Chemburnaka,Chembur

MW 238 400071 Mumbadevi,Ahilyabai Holkar Ghatla Municipal Colony, Shramik Kamgar, Sambhaji Nagar -1,Khardeo Nagar,. 1 To 9 Anand Nagar,N G Acharya Marg, Govandi Road,Ghatla,Chembur

MW 239 400071 Mahadev Patil, Harikishan Sadan, Kamla Kishan Patil, M.S. Patil Wadi, Arvind Patil Wadi, Nagesh Patil Wadi, Khardeo Nagar,Ghatla Village,Khardeo Nagar Marg,Ghatla,Chembur

MW 240 400071 Pandey Chawl,,Near Old Hanuman Mandir,,Chembur

MW 241 400071 Rajeshwari Aman Chawl,,Near Laxmi Street Shell Colony,Chembur

MW 242 400071 Chawl No. 3, Lal Wadi, Near Bharat Tirth Soc.,S T Road,Maitry Park,,Chembur

MW 243 400071 Ekvira Mitra Mandal, Behind Shivsena Shakha, Indira Nagar,,Chembur Camp,Chembur

MW 244 400074 Islampura, Laxmi Nagar,Mukund Nagar, Vashi Naka, Mahul Road Near Railway Track, Mahul & H P Nagar Mysore Colony & S V Patel Nagar, Vashi Naka & Shivshakti Nagar, R.C.Marg,Vashinaka, Mahul,Chembur

MW 245 400089 Mukund Nagar,Sukhshanti Chawl, Utkarsh Nagar, Balaji Chawl, Nagewadi,Kadariya Nagar, Dinbandhu Chawl,Siddharth Residency,Sambhaji Nagar Near Hanuman Mandir, P L Lokhande,P.Y.Thorat Marg,P L Lokhande Marg,Chembur

MW 246 400089 Mahatma Phule Nagar, Barve Chawl, Ramabai Colony,Satyam Galli,Vajir Baba Chawl,Raul Galli,, Navchintan Buddh Vihar, New Panjabi Chawl,Jagtap Chawl, Sathe Galli,Malekarwadi,Chawl 0 To 10 Janta Nagar,V K Krishnan Menon Nagar,Bmc Quarters,,P L Lokhande Marg,Chembur

N 247 400075 Ahire Chawl,,Pant Nagar,Ghatkopar (E)

N 248 400075 293 Priyadarshani Nagar Nr Durga Mata Mandir,,Ramabai Nagar,Ghatkopar

N 249 400075 Sathe Nagar Near School No 3,,Ramabai Colony,Ghatkopar East

N 250 400075 Ramabai Colony,,,Ghatkopar East

N 251 400075 Yashodhara Chawl,,Near Nalanda Nagar Bus Stop Ramabai Colony,Ghatkopar East

N 252 400075 ,Ramabai Colony Near Vaishali Medical Store,Ghatkopar East

N 253 400075 Bhayyasaheb Ambedkar Nagar,Vasantrao Naik Marg,,Ghatkopar E

N 254 400077 Old Ramabai Sahakar Nagar,,Behind Old Rto,Ghatkopar E

N 255 400077 Galli No 29,,Kamraj Nagar,Ghatkopar East

N 256 400077 Shivshakti Chawl,,,Opposite Buddha Vihar, Kamraj Nagar,,Ghatkopar East

N 257 400077 Samata Cgs,Kamraj Nagar,Near Bmc School,Ghatkopar East

N 258 400077 Amrapali Chawl,,,Ghatkopar East

N 259 400086 Abdul Shamad Chawl,,Haripada,Ghatkopar (W)

N 260 400086 Behind Diamond Garage,,Vikroli Park Site,Ghatkopar (W)

N 261 400086 Ramu Singhale Chawl,,Parshiwadi,Ghatkopar (W)

N 262 400086 Abdul Rajak Chawl,Sainath Nagar Road,Anand Nagar,Ghatkopar (W)

N 263 400086 Shree Krupa Soc Anand Nagar,,Vikroli Park Site,Ghatkopar (W)

N 264 400086 Vazir Akabar Chawl,,Laxmibaug,Ghatkopar (W)

N 265 400086 Porbandarwala Chawl,,Chirag Nagar,Ghatkopar West

N 266 400086 Shop No 01 Pooja Fabrication,,Near Clasic Cyber Cafe Parshikar Chowk Pipeline Bhatwadi,Ghatkopar West

N 267 400086 1 9 Tarima Manzil Chwal,,Behind Lahari Building Bhatwadi,Ghatkopar W

N 268 400086 Laxmi Bai Gurav Chawl,Ram Joshi Marg, Bhatwadi,Ghatkoper West

N 269 400086 Vitthal Kutir Bhat Chawl,,Sanjay Kokate Marg,Bhatwadi Ghatkopar West

N 270 400086 Jaymalhare Chawl,,Pachshil Nagar Khandoba Tekdi,Ghatkopar West

N 271 400086 Ramlakhan Chawl,,Opposite Gaodevi Mandir,,Ghatkopar West

N 272 400086 Manavta Society,,Raigad Vibhag,Varshanagar

N 273 400086 Shri Krupa Chawl,,Gurudatta Mandal,Vikhroli Parksite

N 274 400086 Gaondevi Pancham Yadav Chawl,Sainath Nagar Road,,Ghatkoper West

N 275 400086 Bhagwandas Mauji Chawl,,,Bhatwadi Ghatkopar West

N 276 400086 ,Near Sai Baba Mandir,Ghatkopar West

N 277 400086 Third Budh Vihar,,Siddhesh Medical Taloja Hospital,Ghatkoper West

N 278 400086 Sonar Chawl,,Krinti Nagr Bhatwadi,Ghatkopar West

N 279 400086 Ratan Bai Niwas,Lbs Marg,,,Ghatkopar West

N 280 400086 Keshavji Rang Wala Chawl,Sanetorium Lane,Nr Ganesh Mandir,Ghatkopar West

N 281 400086 Santosh Chawl,Lbs Marg Near,Near Ganesh Maidan,Ghatkopar West

N 282 400086 Kamalkant Pandey,,Gaon Devi Mandir Amrut Nagar,Ghatkopar West

N 283 400086 Mangal Murti Chawl,,Kandoba Tekadi Jay Malhar Nagar,Ghatkopar West

N 284 400086 Shivaji Chauk,Golibar Road,,Ghatkopar West

N 285 400086 Datta Chawl,,Amrut Nagar Indira Nagar,Ghatkopar West

N 286 400086 Shiv Sagar Chawl,,Municipal School No 2 Ramji Nagar,Ghatkhopar West

PN 287 400063 Jai Bhim Nagar,Dindoshi,,Goregaon East

PN 288 400063 Santosh Nagar,Dindoshi,,Goregaon East

PN 289 400064 Valnai Colony,Near Link Road,,Malad West

PN 290 400064 Somwar Bazar,,,Malad West

PN 291 400095 Old Collector Compound,Malvani,,Malad West

PN 292 400095 New Collector Compound,Malvani,,Malad West

PN 293 400095 Bmc Colony Gate No 5,Malwani,,Malad West

PN 294 400095 Madh,,,Malad West

PN 295 400095 Mhb Colony,,,Malad West

PN 296 400097 Makrani Pada,Rani Sati Marg,,Malad East

PN 297 400097 Kranti Nagar,Kurar,,Malad East

PN 298 400097 Pathanwadi,,,Malad East

PN 299 400097 Ambewadi,Daftari Road,,Malad East

PN 300 400097 Kokni Pada - Shivaji Nagar,Kurar,,Malad East

PN 301 400097 Tanaji Nagar,Dhobighat Kurar,,Malad East

PN 302 400097 Pushpa Park,,,Malad East

PN 303 400097 Pimpripada,,,Malad East

PN 304 400101 Apppa Pada,,,Kandivali East

PS 305 400062 Prem Nagar,Vishwkarma Road,Prem Nagar,Goregaon West

PS 306 400063 Vitbhatti,Hanuman Tekdi,Goregaon - Mulund Link Road,Vitbhatti,Goregaon East

PS 307 400063 Room No. 3, Lakhau Letha Chawl,Ram Mandir Road,Ramnagar, Bandrekarwadi,Jogeshwari East

PS 308 400063 D-34,Cama Industrial Estate,Walbhat Road,Goregaon East

PS 309 400064 Shankar Nagar, Vasari Hill,Near Rustomji Tower,Vasari Hill,Goregaon West

PS 310 400064 Shiv Tekdi,Yashwant Nagar Road,Teen Dongri,Goregaon West

PS 311 400065 Unit No. 22,Aarey Milk Colony,Unit No. 22,Goregaon East

PS 312 400065 Kirti Nagar,Aarey Colony,Near Modren Bakery,Goregaon East

PS 313 400065 Unit No. 7,Aarey Milk Colony,Shivshakti Nagar,Goregaon East

PS 314 400065 Unit No. 13,Balaji Nagar,Aarey Milk Colony,Goregaon East

PS 315 400065 Unit No. 031,Aarey Road,Opposite Indira Gandhi Research Centre Aarey Milk Colony,Goregoan East

PS 316 400097 Gokuldham, Classic Hotel,Gokul Dham,Arunkumar Vaidya Marg,Kanyapada,Malad East

PS 317 400104 Bhagat Singh Nagar No. 1,Link Road,Bhagat Singh Nagar No. 1,Goregaon West

RC 318 400066 Raidongri,Raidongri,Weh,Borivali East

RC 319 400066 Kajupada,Rikshaw Stand Road,Ganesh Cowk,Borivali East

RC 320 400066 Jai Jawan,Fci Godown Rd,Nr Masjid,Borivali East

RC 321 400066 Dadasaheb Chawl,Dattapada Rd,Rupwate Nagar,Borivali East

RC 322 400066 Daulat Nagar,S V Road,Neharu Nagar,Borivali East

RC 323 400092 Patil House,Eksar Rd,Talepakhadi,Borivali West

RC 324 400092 Saiprasad Chawl,Shimpoli Road,Atal Smruti Uddyan,Borivali West

RC 325 400092 Ratnabai Chawl,Borsapada Road,Op. Borsapada Ho,Borivali West

RC 326 400092 Ek Dongri Chawl,Eksar Road,Gandhi Nagar,Borivali West

RC 327 400092 New Adarsh Society,Gorai Road,Bhim Nagar,Borivali West

RN 328 400068 Shivneri Chawl,,Sambhaji Nagar,Ashokvan,Dahisar E

RN 329 400068 Sri Sainath Chawl,Kokan Vaibhav,Ng Park,Dahisar E

RN 330 400068 Baban Gimal Chawl,Shankarwadi,Tambe School Ghartanpada,Dahisar E

RN 331 400068 Shaktidham Chawl,Ovaripada,,Dahisar E

RN 332 400068 Gajrangi Chawl,Ganesh Nagar,,Dahisar E

RN 333 400068 Jay Ram Mukadam Chawl,,,Dahisar E

RN 334 400068 Aaisabai Dawood Chawl,Nr Bhatladevi Temple,,Dahisar E

RN 335 400068 Vidya Vihar Mhatre Chawl,Cs Rd,,Dahisar E

RN 336 400068 Shivaji Nagar,Lm Rd,,Dahisar West

RN 337 400068 Saikripachwal,Ganesh Mandir,Kanderpada,Dahisar West

RN 338 400068 Jay Bharat House,Hyland Park,,Dahisar E

RN 339 400068 Ashtavinayk Chwal,Anand Van,Ng Park,Dahisar E

RN 340 400068 Shanti Kabir,Kokanipada,,Dahisar E

RN 341 400068 Jay Bhavani Chwal,Kailsh Nagar,Kokanipada,Dahisar E

RN 342 400068 Siddhivinayk Chwal,Sai Baba Mandir,Kokanipada,Dahisar E

RN 343 400068 Diggi Darshan Chwal,Namita Hosp,Sv Rd,Dahisar E

RN 344 400068 Suyog Society,Santoshi Mata Mandir,Kanderpada,Dahisar West

RN 345 400068 Pandey Chwal,Shivsena Shaka,Ganesh Nagar Rwal Pada,Dahisar E

RN 346 400068 Samta Nagar,,,Kokanipada,Dahisar E

RN 347 400068 Chunabhatti Chawl,Yadav Nagar,,Dahisar E

RN 348 400068 Pathan Chawl,Sambhaji Nagar,,,Dahisar E

RN 349 400068 Richard Chawl,Lm Rd,Navagaon,Dahisar E

RN 350 400068 Kedar Catering,Gavdevi Mandir,Kokanipada,Dahisar E

RN 351 400068 Safalya Chawl,Mhb Colony,Chunabhatti,Dahisar E

RN 352 400068 Trimurti Sadan,Sambhaji Nagar,,Ashokvan,Dahisar E

RN 353 400068 Pant Nagar,Kokanipada,,Dahisar E

RN 354 400068 Kallubai Mestry Chawl,Maratha Colony,,Dahisar E

RN 355 400068 Tukaram Boir Chawl,Kokanipada,,Dahisar E

RN 356 400068 Avadh Nath Chawl,Rajesh Compound,Overipada,Dahisar E

RN 357 400068 Suleman Haji Chawl,Ambawadi,,Dahisar E

RN 358 400068 Garib Nawaz Chawl,Lbs Nagar,Navagaon,Dahisar West

RN 359 400103 Ganpat Patil Nagar,,Ic Colony,Borivali West

RS 360 400067 ,Laljipada / Gandhi Nagar,Kandivali West

RS 361 400067 ,Laljipada / Sanjay Nagar,Kandivali West

RS 362 400067 ,Ragada Pada, Irani Wadi Road No 4,Kandivali West

RS 363 400067 ,Bunderpakahadi North Zone,Kandivali West

RS 364 400067 ,Charkop Gaothan,Kandivali West

RS 365 400067 ,Kandivali Goathan Vadarpada,Kandivali West

RS 366 400101 ,E) Laxmi Nagar, Barkiya Rama Compound And Azadwadi,Kandivali East

RS 367 400101 ,G) Singh Estate,Kandivali East

RS 368 400101 ,H) Narshipada / Janupada,Kandivali East

RS 369 400101 ,Shivaji Maidan, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 370 400101 ,Ram Nagar, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 371 400101 ,Nivruddin Chawl, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 372 400101 ,Janata Nagar, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 373 400101 ,Kaju Pada, Poisar,Kandivali East

RS 374 400101 ,Hanuman Nagar / Vadarpada Road No. 2,Kandivali East

S 375 400042 ,Bhandup Gaon,Bhadup (E)

S 376 400042 ,Ramngr,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 377 400042 ,Ashok Ngr,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 378 400042 ,Kanjur Village,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 379 400076 ,Gokhale Ngr, Chaitanya Ngr,Powai

S 380 400076 ,Tirandaj Village,Powai

S 381 400076 ,Morarji Compound,Powai

S 382 400078 ,Khindipada,Bhandup (W)

S 383 400078 ,Ramanagar Tanaji Wadi,Bhandup (W)

S 384 400078 ,Shashtri Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 385 400078 ,Pratap Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 386 400078 ,Jokhim Compound,Bhandup (W)

S 387 400078 ,Munshi Mahal,Bhandup (W)

S 388 400078 ,Lokmanya Ngr, Sarvoday Ngr,Bhandup (W)

S 389 400078 ,Tembhidada,Bhandup (W)

S 390 400078 ,Sai Hill,Bhandup (W)

S 391 400078 ,Ganesh Ngr,Bhandup (W)

S 392 400078 ,Utkarsh Ngr 114,Bhandup (W)

S 393 400078 ,Shivaji Ngr,Bhandup (W)

S 394 400078 ,Kaju Tekadi,Bhandup (W)

S 395 400078 ,Kokan Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 396 400078 ,Utakarsh Nagar 115,Bhandup (W)

S 397 400078 ,Ramabai,Bhandup (W)

S 398 400078 ,Buddhanagar,Bhandup (W)

S 399 400078 ,Jangal Mangal Road,Bhandup (W)

S 400 400078 ,Bhattipada,Bhandup (W)

S 401 400078 ,Gaondevi,Bhandup (W)

S 402 400078 ,Kashinagar,Bhandup (W)

S 403 400078 ,Anandnagar,Bhandup (W)

S 404 400078 ,Sai Bagh,Bhandup (W)

S 405 400078 ,Padwal Compound,Bhandup (W)

S 406 400078 ,Patilwadi,Bhandup (W)

S 407 400078 ,Nardas Nagar,Bhandup (W)

S 408 400083 ,Tagore Nagar, Group No.6&7,Vikhroli (E)

S 409 400083 ,Tagorenegar Group No 8/ No. 3,Vikhroli (E)

S 410 400083 ,Ambedkar Nagar/ Utkarshnagar,Vikhroli (E)

S 411 400083 ,Group No. 3, Majid,Vikhroli (E)

S 412 400083 ,Hariyali Village,Vikhroli

S 413 400083 ,Ambedkar Chowk,Vikhroli (W)

S 414 400087 ,Hanuman Galli,Kanjurmarg (E)

S 415 400087 ,Filter Pada,Powai

T 416 400080 Indira Nagar -1, J.N. Road,Near Church,,,Mulund West

T 417 400080 Amar Nagar, Pawar Chawal, Darga Road,,,Mulund West

T 418 400080 Ramgad, Gosala Road,,,Mulund West

T 419 400080 Vijay Nagar J.N. Road,,,Mulund West

T 420 400080 New Rahul Nagar Mulund Colony,,,Mulund West

T 421 400080 Ashok Nagar Opp Hanuman Mandir, Ashok Nagar, S.N. Road,,,Mulund West

T 422 400080 Babu Jagjivan Ram Nagar Dumping Road,,,Mulund West

T 423 400080 Vaishali Society, Gautam Nagar,,,Mulund West

T 424 400080 Shankar Tekadi,,,Mulund West

T 425 400080 Hindushtan Chowk Hanuman Pada, Mulund Colony,,,Mulund West

T 426 400080 Amrapali Society Gautam Nagar,,,Mulund West

T 427 400080 Saraswati Chawl, Botha Pada,,,Mulund West

T 428 400080 Shivsagar Chawl Nahur Gaon,,,Mulund West

T 429 400080 Khandu Mhatre House Mithagar,,,Mulund West

T 430 400080 Shripath Wagh Chawl Jsd Road,,,Mulund West

T 431 400080 Pandit Estate R R T Road,,,Mulund West

T 432 400081 Azad Nagar,,,Mulund East

T 433 400081 Damodar Namdev Mhatre Chwal,,,Mulund East

T 434 400081 Gheewala Chwal Mp Road,,,Mulund East


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Published on: Monday, November 30, 2020, 03:45 PM IST