Commuters will have to venture out of homes early as the Gokhale Bridge that collapsed on Tuesday, has damaged crossover of overhead wires at Andheri leading to which 46 Churchgate-Andheri trains have been cancelled.

The bridge collapse has damaged overhead wires for which the WR needs time to repair, due which the WR has to cancel some trains. A Western Railway official told Mumbai Mirror, “all the trains from Churchgate that terminate at platform number 4 of Andheri, and return to Churchgate, will have to be cancelled. When these trains reverse, they need a network of wires that have been damaged in the accident.”

Due to the bridge collapse, the network of power cables got damaged, and after 18 hours of repair work, the debris across all the lines was cleared and overhead wires fixed. But however, 13 sensitive crossovers are yet to be repaired, one of which was completed on Wednesday. And remaining 12 will at least take 12 days more. The WR official told the leading daily, “The electrical department is demanding a block of four hours. However, only 2.5 hours of the block is available every night. We are working towards giving them the required time so that full operation can be achieved. We have also identified three crucial crossovers that have to be fixed on priority.”