Ridhima Pandit: Give me something from Linking Road!

Small screen starlet Ridhima Pandit shares her fashion fundas with Sneha Singh and reveals why she doesn’t believe in brands

Fashion for me is…

Fashion for me is comfort and confidence. It would be as cliche as it sounds, but it is something that I believe makes me look confident.

My fashion sense in one word

I wish I was a fashionable person in real life, but I am just a very simple basic kurti-jeans kind of a girl.

My ‘ready-to-go’ attire

It would definitely be a little black dress, a one piece. It’s about striking the right balance between looking formal and casual at the same time.

Casual chic or glam doll?

I like to keep it casual but I want that transition of glamming up. I do have the best of stylists working for me and guiding me through when it comes to looking glamorous. So now currently my wardrobe consists of a lot of skirts and shirts which are very funky and colourful. I am so laid-back about fashion that there are certain things in my closet which go back to my college days, but the beauty of it is that these things keep coming back in fashion.

Summertime mantra

Keep everything minimalistic. My summertime fashion mantra most definitely is cotton and linen. Keep your accessories minimalistic. I never step out without a pair of earrings because I think my face looks very empty without it. So I make sure that I wear my solitaires at least.

Favourite celebrity designer

Not one but quite a few. Obviously Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi and even Tarun Tahiliani. These are the designers I dream to work with.

All-time fashion icon

My all time favourite fashion icon would be Gigi Hadid. Currently, I am totally hooked on to the way she dresses up.

Traditional or western

I think both. Traditional casual wear makes me very comfortable but at the same time the beauty of a sari is something nobody can define. I personally love wearing the sari and traditional clothes. Western wear is something we have always worn. A lot of my confidence stems from what I wear and I think I land up looking stunning wearing both.

Must-haves for every woman

It should be a denim jacket. Anything denim is always rotating in fashion, just like the little black dress. This combination can go from day to night. I remember when I used to work in a corporate office I used to wear a black dress and a denim jacket to make it look casual on Fridays. That same night we would all go partying and that’s when I would just take the jacket off, put a little bit of smokey eyes and be ready to party!

Trends I love & hate

Honestly, I love leather. I usually use faux leather and not the one which is banned. The fashion trend that I am not really fond of will be animal prints. It makes me a little uncomfortable. I don’t know how to pair it and it’s already a bit OTT.

Idea of empowerment

Fashion can totally make women feel empowered. You see women sporting the androgynous look in pant-suits which I think is super hot. Unfortunately, being an actor, my approach always has to be very casual for meetings. Sometimes I miss being in corporate style, where I could wear a trouser suit and walk out and make presentations.

Shopping advice

My funda for sensible fashion is do things that are legal. You don’t need to necessarily wear animal skin to feel authentic. In fact that’s considered to be disrespectful and illegal so don’t spend lakhs on something such as that. Please don’t go crazy on spending on these big brands. Yes, things such as watches and eye-wear make sense. But shoes are going to get dirty, clothes are going to get stained. So yeah, think about these things, be sensible. Don’t go for brands just because they are brands. With some items I believe in splurging on brands but in clothes please give me something from Linking Road or Fashion Street! I would happily wear it. It’s my attitude and it looks cool on me and that’s what makes it sensible.

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