Let's Talk Nutrition: A guide to help you halt overeating

Obesity is a matter of personal responsibility. Self-control is the key to eating habits. Unfortunately, not every one of us is born with the will of steel. Often at times, we find ourselves either binge-eating or on a diet-spree. Neither of it is a healthier method to eating. The fact is that we all are organically bound to crave sugar, processed foods and consume as much of them as probable. Also, another truth is that we can curb the cravings and can halt bad eating habits like overeating. Let me show you how...

Wholesome goodness

Remember, the most important thing about eating healthy is to avoid processed, packed foods that are laced with sugar, trans fat and synthetic flavours. Substitute the junk with whole foods consisting of fruits, vegetables, healthy nuts and whole grains. A well-balanced diet of wholesome foods including fibre rich and high-protein may help you stave off hunger and cravings. It also benefits in keeping you to feel quenched for long time.

Say yes to breakfast

Breakfast helps kick start your metabolism. It provided you the vigor we want to get tasks done and aids concentration. When we wake up, the blood sugar-levels in our body requires to make the brain and muscles effort their best is generally low. When we omit our breakfast, we feel down on energy that is probable to make us overindulge later during the day. Although this might not be true for everyone, every time. If you had a heavy dinner late last night, chances are that you would not feel the need for breakfast. Pay attention to the indications that your body gives out and act accordingly.


Stress leads you to emotional eating. If one is stressed out, its difficult to digest meals and our stress hormones slows down our metabolism. Chronic stress drives up levels of cortisol which in turn increases levels of hunger hormone ghrelin that increases appetite. De-stress to stop yourself from overeating. Deep breathing exercise is one way to reduce stress. Deep breathings amid eating or at the end and start decreases anxiety and makes one wary of what you are consuming. This helps you to eat without going overboard.

Diet, don’t deprive

Eating healthy doesn’t require you deprive yourself of your favourite food. It is all around eating appropriately so that the body receives all the essential nourishment and nutrients. When you divest ourself it leads to an upsurge in your hungers, specifically in response to our emotions. Eat satisfying amounts of healthier foods and indulge in occasional treats to help curb cravings.

Journal the portion

The best method to halt overindulging is to pen down what we eat and how much we eat. Ever felt too full or sluggish minutes after meals, wishing that you had eaten less? Regular journaling keeps you mindful of the food and portion size you consume. It may also benefit you see outlines amid the food you consume and your mood - an exceptional way to breakdown mindless consumption and other bad conducts.

Go slow

Don’t just swallow your meals, eat one morsel after the other. Go slow when you eat. Chew your food well and go slow - the wise adage our mothers taught does work! Eating too quickly causes you to overeat. Slower paced consumption is connected with extreme fullness and reduced hunger. The added advantage is that you will also enjoy the food more when you take the time to savor it.

Stop skipping meals

While attempting to lose weight or consume fewer calories, people always make mistake to skip meals leading to starvation. Studies have proved that eating more often during the day may decline hunger and total food ingestion. Starving our body by hopping meals calls a lot of health complications like binge eating, weight increase, lower metabolism levels, weakening of mental concentration and even an upsurge in the peril of emerging diabetes.

Apart from the suggestions mentioned above, whenever you crave food, always ask yourself - ‘Are you really hungry?’ Eat, if the answer is yes. And stop when you are full.

(The writer is adviser of integrative lifestyle and nutrition at Purenutrition.me)

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