Doc Destiny: The supreme number

Today’s date being August 28, in today’s column we will try to understand the significance and importance of Number 1 and how it influence people fortune, the unique characteristics of people who have an association with the supreme number, which is also dubbed as Winners’ number.

People who are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month have a direct association and major influence of number one on their lives. Since the ruling planet of number 1 is the Sun, and just like planets revolve around the Sun, similarly, individuals who have an association with number 1 are always surrounded by people. Such people enjoy a special identity in the society. People who are ruled by number 1 are individualistic. Number 1 is denoted as king, father, head and leader. The number is also considered as divine because it is defined as the number of the almighty, the supreme God.

Such individuals are born leaders. Well-known for their honesty, such people like to be respected and honoured. They always like to have the best out of all facets of life and will eventually enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of life. They don’t hesitate when it comes to spending, since they are ardent lover of rich and luxurious lifestyle. People who are co-related to number work very hard in whatever field or job they choose. Therefore, their efforts succeed without hindrance.

No work is big or small for them, and they never suffer any setback due to impediments or hurdles. Such individuals proceed ahead with confidence and they succeed in most of their endeavours. It is found that such people are straight forward; and strict. They believe in discipline. Whether its friendship or enmity, they do it with passion. This number also makes them independent.

They do not like to be subjected to the command of others. They hold on to their self-dignity. In the event of their dignity being trod upon, they will immediately resign without any hesitation, even if they hold the most prestigious or enviable positions. Flattery is not in their nature. They help others without any expectations in return. Due to their analytical knowledge and sharp intellect they learn many things very easily. They will talk like experts on matters like astrology, medicine and about arts like painting, architecture and music. There in born sense of intuition helps them to judge the people around them very easily. Though the people of this number tend to be some of the greatest, they never flaunt their knowledge, but are known to be good listeners. They never get into any project of occupation just to earn money of fame.

Though they move with many people, they accept the friendship of a few. Having selected a few, they will stand by them and offer them help voluntarily in times of need. Poets, artists, doctors, politicians, businessmen, and the like can be seen in the group of people who come under number 1. They do very well in politics. The Sun gives them the power and fortune to rule and as a result, they occupy high positions in government services. Being lovers of nature, they love the woods and mountains regions and are fond of traveling around the world.

BIRTH NUMBER 28: This combination of 2 Moon and 8 Saturn. It is a Number of struggles. People born on this date have to face many obstacles and opposition, but they win ultimately. It is a lucky number that brings success. Such people are gentle, authoritative and commanding. They gain cooperation and help from superiors and subordinates. They are philosophical, spiritual and holistic in their approach.

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