Doc Destiny: The significance of Number 6

Today’s date being January 15, in today's column, we will discuss the significance and importance of Number 6 and the unique qualities, characteristics of people who have an association with this number. Individuals who are born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month have a huge influence of number 6 in their lives.

Number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus which is called Shukra in Hindu astrology. According to astrology and numerology, the planet governs beauty, charm, grace, romance and the expression of love. This is a number of harmony, communion, marriage and luxury. The day which is allotted to Number 6 is Friday. Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati and Lord Kartikeya are believed to be the ruling gods of Number 6. White, pink and silver are considered as luck for people with a number 6. Apart from Number 6, 1 and 5 are the other two numbers which are called lucky for people who are born on the 6th, 15th or 24th. Their lucky direction is South-east.

People who belong to this number are born with the ability to charm others. They have the capability to control others. While most of the people who are born with number 6 admire luxuries and comforts, there are some who follow spiritual pursuits and renounce the material life. People who have number 6 as their birth number are usually bestowed with magnetic eyes. Such people tend to be brave.

They get drawn to poetry, music, fine arts and everything that is beautiful. They get enticed by worldly enjoyments. They also like to travel and explore new places. Failures and hardships will never deter them but only prompt them to try again with renewed strength and expectation.

Their only aim in life is to rise in power, position and wealth. High on perseverance, they keep a constant eye on their goals. For them, material comforts and luxuries matter a lot and they do achieve it with their hard work and dedication. It won’t be wrong to call them luckiest people on Earth.

Love, affection, mercy and compassion are their distinctive traits. Even though they seem to have a big heart, but sometimes, they will never come forward to help or do anything even to those who made them happy or had helped them in the past.

People get fooled by them easily with their flattery and sweet talk. Because of their attractive personality and bewitching charm, they become popular and win favours from others very easily. Such people don’t feel content, their desires keep growing.

Such individuals are sympathetic, pleasant, generous and harmonious in nature. Such people value their freedom a lot. They are very passionate when it comes to love and romance. Such individuals become good counsellors and advisors.

Number 15: This is a combination of Number 1 Sun and 5, Mercury. Both are connected with intellect and wit. This combination makes the person popular, friendly and materially successful. They show a keen interest in fine arts, music and literature.

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