Doc Destiny: The month of Aquarius

Dr Biindu Khuraana | Updated on: Sunday, January 23, 2022, 12:22 PM IST


Since the month of Aquarius has begun (Jan 21 to Feb 20), in today’s column, we will try to understand the significance of the 11th zodiac sign and the unique qualities, characteristics of individuals who are born between January 21 to February 20, that is the Aquarians. So, if you are an Aquarian or someone in your life is, then read on as we are going to shed light on some of the lesser-known facts and traits of the ‘water bearers’ and find out what makes them stand out...

Date: January 21 – February 20

Ruling planet: Uranus

Keywords: Humanity, detachment, dispassion, revolution, rebellion, reform, reason, eccentricity, idealism, brotherhood, objective, erratic, gregarious, scientific, progressive and eccentric.

Appearance: Aquarius is a restless character with a wiry body. Misshapen teeth are characteristic. The sartorial intent is to surprise, although not necessarily to shock. Outfits are often outrageous: High fashion or thrift-shop chic.

Personality: This is a quirky persona that manifests itself differently depending on which of the rulers, Uranus, is strongest. Unconventional and idealistic, cranky and perverse, unpredictable and chaotic, rebellious and stubborn, genius and misfit all at the same time, Aquarius can also be lively, original and inventive. The Aquarian model possesses a streak of perfectionism that craves order. Fanaticism and bigotry run deep below a sincere desire to help the world. Possessing a fervent desire for change and revolution as a youth. Aquarian may find a way of rebelling or following a set of ideals and then sticking with that for the remainder of life. Then again, an Aquarian can be one of the great movers and shakers of social change.

Likes: Chaos, change, innovative technology, and the latest fashion trends.

Dislikes: Dull conformity, rules and regulations.

As a parent: They are unpredictable at their best and unstable at worst. This is the parent who tries out all the latest child-rearing practices and insists on a faddy nutritional programme that claims to promote genius. It’s well-intentioned, but the reasoning can be flawed. On the plus side, Aquarius always embraces individuality and the shared humanity in his or her child.

As a child: Such children are born different. Any attempt to describe this emerging personality probably won’t ring true. An Aquarian child often acts as a catalyst in his or her own surroundings, yet benefits from a stable routine. An unconventional educational setting is most appropriate, in which experimentation and invention are encouraged.

Career: The intention is to help humanity move forward so they can become scientists, quantum physicists, systems analysts, technologists, electronic engineers, researchers, sociologists, social or charity workers, ecological consultants, radiographers, astronauts, inventors, cognitive therapists or reformers.

Leisure activities: Aquarian likes racquet sports, running, skiing, dancing, socializing and, of course, protesting. Many Aquarians have unusual hobbies such as UFO-watching or astronomy, candle making, or restoring old cars. This sign also enjoys studying the mind-body-spirit link and complementary medicine. Most Aquarians have an affinity with computers. All find satisfaction in political or charitable work. Science fiction is the preferred genre when it comes to reading and comics are devoured.

Suitable gift ideas: Aquarius enjoys anything which is different. Clever gadgets of all kinds appeal to them. Subscription of an OTT platform or a quirky internet site can be another amazing gifting option. Crystals, organic food, wine or any health or wellness product can be a great gifting option for Aquarians.

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Published on: Sunday, January 23, 2022, 12:22 PM IST