Diwali 2019: Rhea Pillai explains who to get the perfect look this festive season

In tune with gearing up for the festivities, Rhea Pillai recently hosted a ‘Style with Purpose’ masterclass at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla for fashion enthusiasts. The workshop combined a little bit of interaction with a lot of styling. If you couldn’t make it for the workshop, here are some insights into the trends for this season...

What encouraged you to host the workshop 'Style with Purpose'?

This is to create awareness about Temple House by Rhea Pillai. Primarily we work with organic fabrics and also with a lot of embroidery and sequins work which enhances the festive look. During this season I wanted to make people aware about the ability of the organic fabric to be chic, festive enough to wear to weddings, Ganesh pujas or a Diwali party.

Diwali 2019: Rhea Pillai explains who to get the perfect look this festive season

I wanted to introduce this fabric to the audience so that they could expand their awareness as to how experimental one can get with organic fabric. It’s not only about what makes you look good but also what makes you feel good. So this was the primary reason why I took up ‘Style with Purpose’.

What is your favourite festive look?

I am very partial to Lucknow Chikankari work. My colours that I love to work with are ivory based colours, to make it more festive I throw in Mukesh embroidery which brings the colour alive.

It’s a big favourite to wear in the evening and it’s also in right now to wear for weddings as well. I think this is a classic look that takes you through the test of time.

What is your take on the festive trends for the season?

Since I am not a very season oriented person, I look at what is not time-bound. When someone is wearing a really beautiful outfit but is not comfortable in it, it just takes away from the entire look. So, for me, comfort is a big part of the play. Trends don’t necessarily fall in sync with that. So, I have to say I am not a seasonal person, I prefer looking at the total picture.

Diwali 2019: Rhea Pillai explains who to get the perfect look this festive season

Can you share some tips for fashion enthusiasts this festive season?

This tip comes from my friend and business colleague Swapna Murarkar. She says that it’s always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed in this festive season!

How can one experiment with accessories this Diwali?

Accessorise with sequinned stoles which we have at Temple House, they are made out of hemp seeds and bamboo. Another addition could be jewellery, Diwali is one festival to bring out the jewels! Ornate shawls too are a good throw on. All these add to the complete look.

What are the trending colours this season?

Colours which stand the test of time are Valentino red, white and black. For the festive look, using these colours, you can work with embroidery and sequins to add some bling element to it.

Diwali 2019: Rhea Pillai explains who to get the perfect look this festive season

White is one of my favourite colours, which I wear a lot and I also use my ‘Chikan line by The Temple House by Rhea Pillai’. Adding Mukesh embroidery to the fine Chikan stitch glamorises the look, yet makes it look elegant and one that can be worn down the ages.

For Diwali, reds, oranges and another colour is a vibrant yellow which I always love – sunflower yellow is attractive no matter which season you are wearing it in. Black is another favourite. This is one colour so easy to work with. Safest play to make you look good.

What did your workshop 'Style with Purpose' entail?

Phoenix Marketcity Kurla was hosting a month-long celebration for Diwali. As part of this there were several events and workshops with experts. My workshop was titled ‘Style with Purpose’ on festive styling, and I enjoyed it.

My whole aim was to bring organic, chic clothes to the public and make them aware that you could look and feel amazing at the same time by wearing breathable clothes.

Also, I spoke about how it is healthy to wear organic outfits and have it be environmentally friendly which is the need of the hour. Showcasing my work with studio SM, it works with spiritual art, Mandalas which Swapna Murarkar creates.

This time she has created a couple of Mandalas specifically for Temple House by Rhea Pillai that I have incorporated with lounge wear, the fabric being made from hemp seeds and cotton. We have used the mandala on the sweatshirt teamed up with Buddha pants and wanted to bring this to the audience through the workshop.

I also had Swapna come and talk about her work so that we could collectively showcase spirituality and sustainable fashion to the audience. It was one of my first, and I am looking forward to doing more masterclasses in the future.

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