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Be future-ready: Things to remember while choosing the best mascara for 2022

Photo: Pixabay |

Photo: Pixabay |


2022 is nearing, and we are still going out with our masks on. Our eyes have now become the centre of attraction. Nowadays, eye makeup with long, thick, amped-up lashes is highly favoured by many & without mascara, it is incomplete. While applying eye makeup, mascara is the product that you should never skip. Our eyelashes have the impressive ability to transform our face and the whole makeup look. No other makeup staple can work its confidence-boosting magic quite like a swipe of a lash beautifying mascara.

Just like other makeup staples, the joy of discovering the perfect mascara is unmatched, right? But with so many options on the table, how can one even start looking for the right mascara? Not all lashes are the same, and luckily, neither are mascaras. To find the perfect mascara, you need to focus on three things mainly- your lash type, the right formula & the wand or brush type.

Perfect mascara for your lash type

Short lashes: If people tend to call your lashes cute nicknames like "stubby" and "baby hair", and if you struggle to see your natural eyelashes, then you are the short lash type & extremely cute. A mascara that can build incredible length without weighing down your lids will be a perfect choice for you.

Curly Lashes: If you have curly lashes, you might struggle while applying mascara, as your natural curls refuse to cooperate. You might need a mascara that adds volume without clumping. A bristle mascara brush that delicately grabs each lash to give a long, thick, fanned-out look will be best for you.

Straight and down-turned lashes: If your lashes grow straight down, this is your lash type. This type will always need waterproof and long-lasting mascara. The other benefit of waterproof mascara is that it will stay on your lashes for a long time. This mascara doesn't smudge or clump and can be built upon to create super long, clean looking lashes. Additionally, for this lash type, using an eyelash curler can do wonders.

Choose the perfect mascara by their brush type & formula.

If you want volumized lashes then, you need a double-curved dense brush that grabs and coats lashes while applying a significant amount of product to them. An hourglass brush, a curved & an s-shaped brush will be perfect for giving volume to your lashes.

If you want lash lengthening, then a lengthening formula with a brush picks up every lash, separating and elongating them. Along the way, you can magically make your lashes look like they've doubled. A spiral, skinny & an s-shape mascara brush will be a good choice for lash lengthening.

If you want to curl & lift then, you need a more lightweight formula and cleverly designed brush that won't drag your lashes. A pointed and a round tip brush can be your best friend to curl & lift your lashes.

So, what's the best formula for you?

Waterproof: Be it happy or sad tears, we all need waterproof mascara to get us through. Not only that, but waterproof mascara also saves you from rain and sweat. But did you know that it's also excellent if you have straight lashes? It'll help a curl last long, but it also needs a longer removal process.

Tubing: This formula is beneficial for first-time users. It is entirely smudge-proof, and you can remove it with warm water and a gentle tug. It's effortless, simple, and good for sparse lashes. This formula doesn't need a lot of eye makeup remover.

Fibre: Yes, this formula uses actual fibres in it - you can see them - to add volume, imitating the look of natural lashes. It is the one you need to dramatically boost thin lashes with not only thickness but length too!

How to apply mascara; Tips and tricks

Now that you have chosen the perfect mascara for you let's look at some tips and tricks to apply it to your lashes.

● Before using mascara, always remember to curl your lashes with a good quality lash curler. It is essential for lashes that grow straight and are downturned. Using a lash curler will give your lashes a lift to which the mascara can add volume and length.

● For your mascara to look its best, try applying a kajal such as the plum kajal or Lakme kajal to your eyes. You may combine an eyeliner on the upper lids to draw more attention to your eyes. Complete the look with an eyeshadow that complements your overall makeup.

● When using the mascara wand, make sure you swirl it around in the tube to get the maximum product on it. After doing this, wipe off the excess only from the tip to avoid getting any product in your eye.

● Lift your eyelid with your ring finger making sure you don't put pressure on the delicate eye area. After that, start applying mascara from the very base of your lashes, wiggling the wand outwards. It gives extra volume to your lashes. Don't shy away from applying 2-3 coats if you wish.

● The most frustrating thing is blinking while your mascara is still wet and getting it all over your under-eye area. If this happens, don't worry; simply wait for the mascara to dry, take a cotton bud and wipe it off. If you have stayed for it to dry completely, it should come right off.

Most people know how mascara changes your complete look and how essential it is. But, when it comes to minimal makeup or no-makeup-makeup, mascara is a game-changer. For upcoming seasons make a statement with different kinds of eye makeup. So, find the right mascara for you & enjoy creating any makeup look you wish to.

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Published on: Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 05:10 PM IST