Restaurant inspired by Bombay Tales result of marriage of my entrepreneurial and creative brain: Haimanti Bhattacharya

Manasi Y Mastakar | Updated on: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 01:22 AM IST


What is Bombay Tales about?
It is a love story set in the millennial background of the beautiful city of Bombay that talks about conflicting emotions and the food and beverage industry. The story is about the relationship between a restaurateur and a food blogger. It is a work of fiction but definitely has been inspired by a lot of my personal experience quirks.

You are an entrepreneur, how did you get into writing?
Being a Literature student I always had a flair for writing and it finally grew into a love for writing and beautiful expressions through words. Being an entrepreneur I realised beyond my passion for food, that writing gives me happiness and it all started then. Instead of being consumed by the frills of the F&B business of parties and socialising, writing gave me the required calm and happiness in an otherwise hyperactive entrepreneurial life. A blogger friend started my blog and asked me to explore writing and soon after I realised it was amazing and maybe I could proceed to write a book as well. Being humorous and having the gift of the gab thankfully helped in my journey.

You are also coming out with a restaurant based on your novel. How did this happen?
I was sitting with a friend discussing concept ideas for my new resto-bar that I aspired to create and in that brainstorming session I realised, why not make my novel my new concept? It was unique and relatable and the concept of fiction to reality totally stirred me up. I think it is a result of the marriage of my entrepreneurial and creative brain.


How difficult was it to translate your book to a restaurant?
Actually, it wasn’t. I approached it with a lot of passion and everyone around me accepted it with a lot of enthusiasm and applauded it. I then explained the same to my work colleagues and drew the road map towards execution and it all fell in place. I hope people accept it with the same enthusiasm though. Who does not like fiction to be real? We
all love happy endings

Tell us a little about your restaurant.
It is going to be a chilled out resto-bar where you get your favourite food Bombay style and quirky drinks along with a lot of books and things that remind you of the book Bombay Tales. Happy and colourful interiors for the fun loving Bombay youth. A place people can come, eat, drink, dance, read, date and just chill with a lot of quirky elements in store.

Being a writer, which authors do you admire the most?
I read all kinds of books from all genres. People don’t like Chetan Bhagat — I really like him. I love Robin Sharma and Rhonda Byrne kind of books. I love to read Indian authors. I am a huge Jane Austen fan. I like Lauren Weisberger, Dan Brown. I can’t specify I guess. Books are like food. So much variety and everyone is unique in its own way.


After a hectic day at work, how do you de-stress?
I read a nice book with a cup of green tea or coffee or I listen to music or step out for dinner. A great book and great food both are soulful and de-stressing for me.

What’s your idea of an ideal weekend?
Ideal would be a beautiful place with a beautiful view as I love travelling. It rejuvenates me and inspires me.

How do you strike a work-life balance?
I don’t take tension and if there is a stressful day full of tension that weighs me down I sleep over it waking up to a new day of trying my best. I hate the word ‘problem’ so I figure solutions to everything. I am a very positive person. My mantra is to have a positive outlook to everything every day. I socialise and go out a lot so my friends and sister provide a great balance to my work life. I am an outdoor person so that keeps me happy.


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