Konkona Sen Sharma: Gone With The Wind was an unhealthy obsession as a teenager

Introduction to books: I probably started reading fiction around the age of six. My older sister Kamalini introduced me to reading.

The last book I read: Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. I really enjoyed it. Even though the story and the protagonists are so removed from me culturally, chronologically and geographically, I found many emotions relatable. Now I am reading Chinua’s No Longer At Ease.

Favourite authors: I don’t have any favourite writers as I’m not a teenager! There are some authors that I’ve read multiple works of, probably because I enjoyed their style. Some of them are Roddy Doyle, Margaret Atwood, Murakami, Ferrante, Marquez among others.

Non-fiction reads: Most of the non-fiction I read is in the form of articles not books. Recently I enjoyed reading Sapiens. I hardly read the newspapers any more but I do subscribe to the Indian Express.

Blushing revelation: A book I am embarrassed to talk about in hindsight, would be Gone With The Wind. I read it a lot as a teenager, it was an unhealthy obsession! Now I’m a bit embarrassed.

Time frame: Talking about the time it takes me to read a book, I hardly ever read a book in one go. Usually it’s over a few days/weeks.

Book-keepers: There are six must-have books I can think of right now…Alias Grace, Shadow Lines, Pachinko, 100 Years Of Solitude, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and Collected works of Lewis Carrol.

Up in the air: On flight I prefer to read rather than watch a film. It’s usually the book I’m currently reading.

Book to screen: When it comes to screen adaptations that were as good if not better than the original books, there are very few such films. However, A Clockwork Orange and To Kill A Mocking Bird come close.

Kiddie reads: Books I would recommend for children would actually depend on the age of the child. I loved The Adventures of Dennis by Victor Dragunsky.

Language options: I’ve mainly read books in English. Very few in Bengali sadly.

Writing inspiration: It will take a lot for me to get inspired to write!

(Written by Anita Raheja, Heena Agarwal)

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