5 Tips to Buying the Best 2-Wheeler Insurance Online

FPJ Web DeskUpdated: Monday, November 21, 2022, 02:21 PM IST
5 Tips to Buying the Best 2-Wheeler Insurance Online | Representative image

Two-wheeler insurance coverage is a must-have in India. Authorities have made it essential to get 5-year coverage for any new motorcycles because of how crucial it is. Considering how important it is to have coverage and protect your funds, it's obvious that purchasing bike insurance is not something to be done lightly.

You don't need the assistance of a broker to get your own Online Two Wheeler Insurance. Insuring your motorcycle properly is something we'll be talking about here.

1. Classification of Coverage

Motorcycle riders may choose between two distinct insurance plans. Both third-party liability and full coverage are included in our bike insurance. Your requirements will dictate which kind is best for you. The third-party coverage will only reimburse you for losses that you cause to other people. Comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, will cover not only your own property but also any injuries or property damage sustained by others on the road or in parking lots. Two-wheeler insurance quotes may be compared to pinpoint the specifics. The best advice from insurance professionals is to always go with a comprehensive policy since this kind of plan provides the most protection and leaves you with the smallest out-of-pocket expense in the event of an accident.

2. Your bike's worth

Your comprehensive bike insurance premium will be based on your bike's current market value. This amount is referred to as the Insured Declared Value in the world of insurance (IDV). When shopping for motorcycle insurance, you'll be asked for the IDV of your bike. Knowing the bike's fair market value will help you determine its IDV. Check the available IDV with a comparison of two-wheeler insurance policies. The IDV of your bike goes up whether it is a high-end model or a sports bike. The IDV of your motorcycle will be less, and your premiums will be less if it has a smaller engine size (say, 110cc).

3. Protection

You should spend the most time possible learning about and comprehending your bike insurance policy's coverage before making a purchase. Knowing what is and isn't covered by your insurance will make filing a claim much less of a hassle. Better protection may be found when purchasing bike insurance online.

4. Exceptions

It's just as crucial to be familiar with any limitations on coverage that may be included in your insurance as it is to understand what is covered. It's important that you understand the limits on when you may file a claim. Buying coverage for your motorcycle will also include reading about the policy's exclusions. A few typical exceptions are as follows:

Breakdown in machinery or electricity

The natural breakdown of objects

Impairment resulting in a two-wheeler accident due to intoxication

When damage occurs in an unavoidable location outside of

Nuclear fallout causes damage

All other events are specifically excluded under the regulation.

Exclusions from your online two-wheeler insurance policy may be seen in the same place as coverage details: the insurance provider's website.

5. How reliable the insurance provider is known to be

Getting your motorcycle covered by a reliable insurance company is a must. Claim processing will be aided by this information. You will be frustrated if you are kept waiting too long, receiving subpar service, or receiving a subpar product. You should use caution while selecting insurance. Before purchasing insurance, you should investigate the company's standing in the market. These days, social media is the ideal place to find out how satisfied clients already have been with their online two-wheeler insurance purchases.


It is recommended in this article that you should not rely on the advice of the bike dealer when choosing a Car Insurance Online policy, but instead, make your own selection. Bike insurance is required, so keep that in mind.

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