The shaded part of crematorium at Chakratirth Ghat is almost full of pyres
The shaded part of crematorium at Chakratirth Ghat is almost full of pyres
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Ujjain: The sheer frequency at which the bodies turned up for funeral at the electric crematorium at Chakratirtha Ghat has rendered the furnaces here non-functional.

The administration had reserved the electric crematorium at Chakratirth and the CNG machine of Mokshadham at Triveni for the cremation of the bodies of corona patients and suspects.

A furnace at Chakratirtha Ghat’s electric crematorium was already broken, so the bodies were being cremated in the second machine. However, the second furnace, too, developed a a technical glitch on Thursday night.

Thus, both the machines became non-functional and the bodies of corona patients and suspects are now being cremated at the CNG machine at Triveni Mokshadham.

Two bodies of persons who died of normal caused reached Triveni Mokshadham on the Friday morning while six bodies of corona suspects were cremated here.

Condition of the Chakratirth Ghat located platforms for last rites of the bodies are reported to be pathetic.

The last rites of the bodies on the ground continued even on Friday as they could not find space on the platforms.

Meanwhile, the Ujjain Municipal Corporation implemented token system for the funeral of bodies at Chakratirth Ghat. According to sources, 40-50 bodies are being ferried from different government and private hospitals to the crematorium. Due to heavy demand for funeral the UMC has adopted tokens system for cremating bodies, they added.

Employees handling bodies take to alcohol

On the death of corona infected and corona suspects, the concerned hospital administration informs the police station in the residential area of the deceased and the fire brigade to provide the body vehicle. Following which Fire brigade personnel wearing PPE kits transport the bodies to the crematorium. Meanwhile, an employee consumed so much liquor on Friday morning that he fell asleep unconscious on the pavement wearing a PPE kit. Another employee tore his kit in a fit of rage. Sources informed that during 12 hours of duty, the staff is handling so many bodies that their mind is consumed with fear and negativity. So, they allegedly consume alcohol to manage their thoughts. Sometimes excessive consumption of alcohol creates such a situation, sources added. The employee in question had arrived on duty on the vehicle in the morning and the employee who wore a PPE kit and sat on the pavement in front of the fire brigade and consumed excessive liquor and fell unconscious on the pavement. Sighting media persons, another employee came and tore the PPE kit of the unconscious employee.

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