Spraying of medicines in city zoo
Spraying of medicines in city zoo
Pintu Namdev


More than six crows were found dead in Daly College ​(DC) ​premises due to avian influenza (H5N8) commonly known as bird flu on Monday. ​Over 100 crow​s​ ​have died in the area ​in the last few days.

Sanitisation and other measures to control the outspread were undertaken more vigilantly to control the spread.

At the same time, spraying of medicines has been started considering Indore Zoo as a surveillance area. Anti-viral drugs were sprayed at the main places including ​the ​bird cage​s​, nets in the morning and evening.

City zoo in-charge Dr Uttam Yadav said, “Immunity boosting medicines and diet is being given to all the birds and animals mixed in beverages and foods.” He added that immunity boost given to animals and birds to increase their immunity.

H5N8 avian influenza virus outbreak was confirmed after the samples from DC tested positive in Bhopal.

“It is a type of bird flu, but it is not fatal. Because its effect is limited to birds, it does not spread to humans,” Dr PK Sharma, deputy director, veterinary department, said.

He added that apart from samples in DC, some samples were taken in the poultry farm as a precaution, but no infection was detected.

The entire campus of DC is also saniti​s​ed in the morning and evening.

//Chicken samples being tested​\\​

As a precaution, one km of radius around DC was surveyed. This includes Palada Naka, Musakhedi, Azad Nagar, and other areas including the Residency.

Samples have also been taken from some poultry farms. Through the sample, it was found that the virus has not reached the chickens. However, no such symptoms have been seen here till now.

Apart from this, samples of chickens sold in shops were also taken in the area. According to experts, this type of virus is found in birds in three to four years. However, it is not harmful to humans.

On Monday, 40 samples have been sent from the chickens shops around the Daily College to Bhopal for investigation.

//City Zoo management cautious, not letting outdoor birds sit on trees​\\​

Zoo management is on high alert. Sick birds are being treated immediately by medicinal spray. Staff have also been deployed near nearby trees, so that they can prevent outdoor birds from sitting on the tree.

Apart from this, dead birds are also being cremated ​according to protocol. Yadav said that a large number of birds are present in the zoo and with bird aviary coming up, the number has increased.

As soon as bird flu was confirmed, management is constantly sanitising the cages and trees. Different medicines are being sprayed in the morning and evening.

“All our birds are safe and no infection of any kind is present,” Yadav said.

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