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Indore: Study, revise subjects calmly, don’t change strategy last minute


Indore: Preparation time before examination is often more stressful for students compared to writing examination. While a little stress helps students in staying focused towards their goals, excessive stress can affect performance and cost not only marks but also wellness. While checking the list for preparation of subjects, it is important that wellness is taken care of by managing stress, time and other factors. Free Press brings you tips from psychiatrist Dr Pawan Rathi on exam preparation.

Factors parents should consider during child’s exam

A good balanced, healthy diet is must. Though students often feel sleepy during preparation time, aerated and caffeinated drinks should be avoided. Caffeinated drinks will cause jitters and make it more difficult for children to concentrate on their studies. Avoid excessive pressure on children. Allow them to take break after one session of 45 minutes to study. Do not nag your child. Try to engage them in normal day-to-day activities to give them regular breaks. Create a loving and accepting atmosphere, where they can share their problems.


Ideal schedule during preparation time

Children should study and work on revising every subject calmly. The best way to start a day is with 30 minutes of meditation or breathing exercise to improve concentration. After each session of 45 minutes, children should take break for 5 minutes like taking a walk in the garden or getting little active. After three such sessions, they should take a break of 30 minutes. Further, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is must for every child. During breaks, children should avoid activities like watching movies, as they will engage the child too much.

How to score well Study


sample papers, understand possible weightage allotted to a chapter and topic. Identify your strengths and weakness in each subject and chapter. Work on your weaknesses more, as losing a mark in your subject of strength will not cost as much as skipping another question, where you are weak. Study based on marks allotted to a topic, not just for interest. Revise everything you read atleast once. Do not change your environment or studying patterns. Follow whatever way of preparation that you have adopted through the year. Do not change the strategy of studying last minute.

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