Holi at Rajwada
Holi at Rajwada


The lockdown was strictly observed in Indore and this ensured muted celebrations of Holi, Shab-E-Barat and Palm Sunday.

The city wore a deserted look throughout the day, but many people did play Holi in the confines of their homes. The usual ‘Rang Barse’ did not eco in the city during the entire two-day festival. Coronavirus spread tinted the celebrations and kept the celebrations to barely any in Indore.

Streets were closed by putting barricades in place. At the same time, the police kept on ​questioning people who were ​outdoors.

While there is no question as to how essential the lockdown was, it did bring down the spirits among children. Many children who were looking forward to finally have some fun after a tough year at home felt disappointed.

"I feel like life has come to a standstill because there are no more festivals, and without that... well, it's almost like being stuck in some alternate universe," Gaurav Gautam, a teenager, said.

He was looking forward to playing Holi with his entire family at least and preferably friends too. "It's the one time, all my cousins meet in Indore and I get to see them," Gaurav said.

Another teenager Khyati Rastogi said, "We were permitted to play Holi in a small celebration at home, but due to rising cases of coronavirus, we didn't." She added that fear of catching a cold and testing positive for covid took a toll on celebrations.

"It's my first holiday after being married, it's unlike anything we imagine, I couldn't even go to have lunch with my parents​​ due to covid," a newly married homemaker Himanshi Dhiman said.

Other community members also felt hopeless but supported the decision of the administration and their leaders. Lockdown continued to be enforced throughout Monday and the city remained quiet without any music or racing cars.

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