Riders exploring the less-known Khalghat and its history
Riders exploring the less-known Khalghat and its history


A group of riders explored hillocks near Khalghat over the weekend. Rides for Riders group organised the ride for exploring Madhya Pradesh to promote tourism and nature.

As shared by group administrator​ Gyandeep Srivastava, in ancient times Khalghat was known as Khalighaṭṭa and lay on ​the ​route connecting Malwa to Deccan.

“Here on the banks of the Revā i.e. Narmada, Caccha, a feudatory of Paramāra king Sīyaka II (c. 949-972) gave battle to Khoṭṭigadeva, the Rāṣṭrakūṭa king of Māṇyakheṭa, around 972-973 CE, and died a heroic death. This is recorded in verse 29 of the Panaheda temple inscription of Maṇḍalīka, king of a Paramāra branch ruling from Vāgaḍa in Banswara district of Rajasthan,” he said.

The town is rich in unexplored archaeological sites, which include Panch-paoli, Nāwada-ki-mātā, and the ruins of a terrace.

Excavations were conducted at Khalghat in 1998-1999 under GK Chandrol and P Mathur of the Directorate of Archaeology, Archives & Museums, Madhya Pradesh.

Among 20 riders, 3 females Isha Soni, Tashi Giani and Deepika Gupta joined the ride for about 6 hours.

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