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IT’s ray of hope with start-ups

Indore: With a resolve to make it big even in challenging times, many start-ups especially Information Technology (IT) based ones took on several projects from domestic as well as international markets. These start-ups became hope for many traditional businesses, which learned to put up their stores online and convince customers in the virtual world.

As reported by industry experts, maximum growth was recorded by IT first generation businesses and start-ups in Indore.

Speaking to IT start-up heads known for working in field, the growth rate in domestic market of education application is noted about 100 percent and about 30 percent globally was reported.

The global Smart Education and Learning Market size is anticipated to reach USD 665.12 billion by the end of 2026, owing to the growing advancement in learning platforms. Fortune Business Insight in their report titled ‘Smart Education and Learning Market’.

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//Education app now providing 40% project share

“The share of education application has expanded in software industry. The sector which was not very highlight or even a major source of projects for us, is now providing 40 percent projects of total projects.

People are more focusing to e-learning. We are getting the enquiries from coaching and schools too. We are getting domestic and international projects in education. For example, we are working on funded projects from United Kingdom also for education.

There has been a 30 percent growth globally and locally, it’s surprising to get enquiries for education app developments.”

Faheem Hasan


Maven Cluster

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//Domestic growth over 100%, international demand is surprising

“Domestic market has shown a steep growth in education applications and software. The growth is over 100 percent in domestic markets.

In international markets, the growth is about 20 percent only. In fact, even that is surprising as most countries where Indian companies take up projects from are already developed and have a proper online education system in place.

The growth spur is definitely surprising and beneficial to Indore start-ups and software companies.”

Kuldeep Kundal


Cyber Infrastructure

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//Start-up developed PDS

A start-up in Indore developed PDS (Physical Distancing System) that works by buzzing and capturing the image of a person moving closer than prescribed social distance.

PDS is the brain-child of 30-year-old pharmaceutical engineer Roshni Shukla, 26-year-old mechanical engineer Durgesh Shukla and 39-year-old electrical engineer Amit Panchal.

“PDS is a useful device to protect against corona virus, using which social distancing can be easily followed,” Durgesh said. He added that this is the first such device in the world, which can be used in government offices, railway stations, airports, factories, schools, colleges everywhere.

“We have developed a new technology of their using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision in this device,” Panchal said. He explained that if a person comes close to the prescribed limit, the alarm is activated automatically and it is notified.

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