Indore: Irked by mismanagement in MYH mortuary, Divisional Commissioner sets SOP for mortuary

Staff Reporter | Updated on: Saturday, September 19, 2020, 07:50 PM IST


Indore: Irked by continuous mismanagement in the mortuary of MY Hospital, Divisional Commissioner Dr Pawan Sharma has prepared standard operating procedures (SOP) which is to be followed in every case.

Moreover, the Divisional Commissioner was surprised to know that there was no in-charge appointed for the mortuary for the last four years.

“I was surprised by learning that there was no mortuary in-charge appointed since 2016. We have appointed Dr Bajrang Singh, associate professor, Forensic Medicine as the in-charge of the same who will take care of daily working of the mortuary and ensure following standard operating procedure,” Dr Sharma said.

Informing about the points taken in SOP, Dr Sharma added, “The SOP was prepared on the basis of guidelines by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Some major points of SOP include that post mortem of the unidentified body would be done in 24 hours and police will dispose it after searching the family for three days. Similarly, for identified bodies, mortuary employees will call the family members every day.”

Talking about the negligence in the case where an infant’s body and a COVID patient’s body was left unattended in mortuary, Dr Sharma said that post mortem of the infant has been done and police will dispose of the body in three days after finding family members while hospital staff had informed the family of COVID patient but they didn’t come due to which calling every day to the family has become compulsory from now.

Oxygen consumed would also be mentioned in ‘Death Audit’

Talking about the scarcity of oxygen in city, the Divisional Commissioner said that they have planned to add one more entry in the death audit form i.e. oxygen consumed.

“We will also monitor the oxygen consumed by the patients which will help us in preparing plan to save lives as well as to control the consumption,” Dr Sharma added.

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Published on: Saturday, September 19, 2020, 07:50 PM IST