Indore: Easter celebration begins with zeal and fervour
Indore: Easter celebration begins with zeal and fervour

Christian community began Easter celebrations with great zeal and enthusiasm at various churches in the city from Saturday late night. Community members prepared themselves spiritually only for this great moment for past 40 days. It is one of the most significant festivals for them.

Easter commemorates the day of victory, when Jesus Christ’s awoke from death. His resurrection symbolises the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. To celebrate this day of joy, Churches were decorated with flowers, Easter candles and several ornaments on Easter Day. These decorations represented new life. Priests wore white and brightest robes in celebration symbolising that there is hope and joy after every bitter pain.

Easter vigil service marked the beginning of celebrations at midnight on Saturday, with new fire and from which Easter candle was lit. Devotees gathered around the new fire which was blessed by priest with reciting of special prayer and hymn.
The priests carried the candle in procession into the dark church. A new fire or Easter candle symbolises our eternal life in Christ and from which other candles are lit.

The faithful entered the Church with burning candles in their hands in the processions. The community believes that Easter candle represents the Christ Himself. During the Holy Mass everyone renewed the Baptismal promises. Joyful hymn and praise songs were led by choir group. In hug members people participated in Easter vigil service. Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal SVD said, “Easter is a symbol of eternal life with God, where the human being will be able to enjoy God and to Praise him for all eternity.”

He added that at Easter, every Christian rejoices in the spirit of the living, risen Christ and look forward to the future when the ‘resurrection principle’ will be invoked all over.  “For a believer, the focus on Christ’s resurrection is a central principle of faith, Because of which, we have the opportunity to receive eternal life,” Thottumarickal said.  He concluded the message of Easter stating that Easter is Festival of Life and Love.

Community members speak
Rajiv Fransis said, “For me Easter festival is renewal of the heart and mind. I have the opportunity to begin my life with new hope and energy.”Fr Mukesh Machhar said “Easter Candle has its significance. There is sign of cross, year and Alpha and Omega wards writt en on it. The meaning of Alpha and Omega is Christ is the beginning and end of all things. Cross represents Christ and His eternal light. Year reminds to all of us the God’s presence here and now.”

Philomina Anthony said, “I am so excited to take part in the Easter vigil service. I was preparing myself along with my family members for this day. I feel I am blessed with risen Lord Jesus. I believe he will continue to guide and lead me especially in the dark side of my life.”