Dr Praveen Jadia, File pIc
Dr Praveen Jadia, File pIc

Indore: To motivate police staff in these times of distress and the subsequent lockdowns, various pursuits of all of us have come to the fore. On Sunday, CMHO, Dr Praveen Jadia, in association with Indore Police wireless set programme, "Geet Hum Gaayenge Corona Tumhe Haraenge", played the tune of "Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu" on a mouth organ.He also thanked the Indore Police for their cooperation. He said, “There’s no need to be afraid of this pandemic, taking little care and precaution will be enough to tide over the crisis.”

Superintendent of Police (HQ) Suraj Verma, on hearing Dr Jadia’s performance, praised and thanked him for boosting the morale of the police and also encouraging them. He said we are all frontline workers but the medical staff and fraternity is at the FOREFRONT of this battle against COVID-19.

SP Verma said in spite of health issues, Dr Jadia never took leave and has been working consistently since the battle with COVID-19 started. Indore Police salutes the indomitable spirit of these Corona warriors. He also said that the way the Health and Police departments are working unitedly, our dreams to win against COVID-19 will definitely come true.

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