Indore: Cases of avascular necrosis on rise in city, cite doctors

Indore: After mucormycosis, doctors across the country are now reporting a huge number of diagnosed cases of avascular necrosis (AVN), a new health complication that causes the death of bone tissues, in many Covid-19 recovered patients owing to the long-term use of corticosteroids (especially at high doses).

To help people understand AVN and possible ways to fight the ‘bone death’, Create Stories Social Welfare Society organised a webinar to discuss the topic with expert.

Introducing the topic, health activist Deepak Sharma said, “Cases of AVN in femoral head in the bone and joint segment have been coming up. As reported by experts of the field, this is because of steroids used in the treatment of Covid-19.”

He explained that doctors do keep a close eye on patients and moderate dosage as needed, but there are ways in which, people can prepare themselves to act quickly and fight bone death.

Physiotherapist Dr Priyanka Tiwari said, “Avascular necrosis is a problem occurring in the bones itself, in which bone tissue ie bone tissue starts dying. In simple language, bones start melting. The reason for this disease is that due to the obstruction of blood flow, sufficient amount of blood is not able to reach the tissue.”

She added that there are no symptoms in the very early stages. Eventually, people start feeling pain making it difficult for them to walk or move smoothly.

Symptoms of AVN

· Sharp pain in thigh and hip bones

· Difficulty walking

· Persistent pain while sleeping or waking up

· Pain in shoulders, knees, arms and legs

· Persistent joint pain

Prevent yourself from AVN by

· Bridging exercise.

· Do Pranayama.

· Do deep breathing exercises.

· Keep moving every part of the body like movement of knees, toes, hips, hands, shoulders.

· Take a balanced diet

· Keep yourself hydrated

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