Necessity is the mother of invention. A city’s mechanical engineer proved it once again as he developed a UV-sterilizing chamber for sanitizing essentials, with the available reusable items at home. The pandemic has made people more hygiene conscious where they are not only keeping an eye on sanitizing body but every good they are coming in contact with.

The chamber can disinfect vegetables, fruits, bread, car or bike key, glares, masks and all plastic and metal items within 25-30 minutes.

“Sanitizer has become an essential part of our life in the present pandemic era. However, people can easily sanitize their hands through liquid sanitizer but sanitizing electronic gadgets, keys, grocery packets etc has become a tough task for all,” said engineer Deepak Arora.

The 38-year-old engineer cum businessman was ideated after witnessing the same struggle at his home as his family members had to put the groceries for sanitization at least 24 hours post receiving.

UV-C made of reusable household materials
UV-C made of reusable household materials
Indore based mechanical engineer develops UV-chamber to disinfect gadgets and goods

“Washing or cleaning gadgets through liquid sanitizer was not feasible so I planned to make a UV sterilizing chamber which I named UV-C. I used a container easily available at my home and some other things to prepare it. Dimension of container should be such that the wavelength of UV rays reached to 264 NM through which it can disinfect anything up to 99.9 percent in the span of 30 minutes.”

Talking about the USP of the product, he said that various similar products are available online and most of them are Chinese products costing heavy.

“The device costs less than Rs 3,000 with the help of UV technology used in water purifiers. I am also ready to develop it for the charitable organizations and hospitals without any remuneration,” Arora added.

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