Pointing fingers at each other on April Fools’ Day on Monday, BJP and Congress party floated social media posts and held demonstrations in the city claiming celebrations as ‘P***u Diwas’ and ‘Jumla Divas’ respectively.  The tweets, memes and jokes on Congress president Rahul Gandhi were endlessly floated on all social media channels and messaging applications.

The posts questioning promises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were also ubiquitous on how people have been fooled.  With both the parties seeking to show each other as a joker or deceiver, April Fools’ Day was filled with political colours. Certain allegations degenerated into arguments on social media where people tagged and tweeted both the party leaders.

Celebrating the day as P***u Diwas, supporters of BJP held a demonstration at Rajwada on Monday. Dressing up as Congress president Rahul Gandhi, a member wore his mask and cracked jokes.  Hind Rashtra Sanghathan president Rajesh Shirodkar said, “RaGa talks about a machine, which will turn potatoes to gold.” He said who other than a fool can make such statements?

“So, we decided to dedicate April Fools’ Day to him and celebrate it as P***u Diwas,” Shirodkar said. He said RaGa is country’s biggest comedian. The demonstration began with RaGa entering the scene and promising Rs 72k to every underprivileged family.

Later, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Kamal Nath joined in shouting slogans. Further, RaGa gave a comical speech on ‘Kumbhakaran Lift Yojana’. This was citing RaGa’s blunder, where he meant to say Kumbha Ram Arya Lift Canal project. Further, RaGa promised that nobody would need to work and everybody can get drunk and party. The demonstration concluded with cheering participants.

Social media posts on  how Congress fooled?

  • Loan waiver up to Rs lakh
  • Rs 72k promised to every underprivileged family
  • Fooled for 70 years making no progress

Showing the plight of commoner, Congress organised a demonstration at Khandwa Road on Monday. Stating how Modi fooled every citizen with fake promises, demonstrators highlighted plight of people.  Holding up a large cheque of Rs 15 lakh, participants referred to the promise of Modi about providing Rs 15 lakh to every citizen of India.

The cheque was made comical referring to Modi Bank of India with a tagline ‘Manoranjan’ (entertainment) Bank dated April 1. Many participants wore mask of smiling Modi, showing his happiness of having fooled people with fake promises. Congress celebrated the day as ‘Jumla Diwas’. Claiming Modi as ‘Feku’, people called ‘Aam Aadmi’ (common person) a fool who believed in the fake promises.  “Ache din made us fools, now it is time to open our eyes and try to get these cheques encashed,” a demonstrator said.

Social media post on how BJP fooled?

  • Rs 15 lakh to be transferred
  • No jobs created
  • U-turn on FDI, Aadhaar, GST, demonetisation

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