Currency notes found in answer sheets

Indore : ‘Money for marks’ is a new method devised by students of BEd course.  Currency notes of Rs 500 denomination have been found attached to answer sheets of BEd students in what appears to be a tacit attempt to bribe evaluators, taking advantage of the Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) system that does not have pronounced guidelines to reprove such brazenness.
The corrupt practice came to fore when the Evaluation Centre sent answer sheets to examiners for evaluation recently.

The examiners were surprised to find Rs 500 notes attached to two to three answer-books. The notes were pinned between the pages of the books.
While one examinee had urged the examiner to award him at least pass marks in the paper, another attached the notes without any appeal.

The examiners returned the answer sheets to the Evaluation Centre with a complaint that the sheets carried ‘cash bait’.
Taken aback by the information, the Evaluation Centre officers are mulling over stern action against the students.

“We are planning to lodge an FIR in the case as it was an indirect attempt to bribe examiners,” Evaluation Centre in-charge VB Gupta said. Insiders in the Evaluation Centre said that this was not for the first time currency notes have been found tucked inside answer scripts.

Attempts to bribe examiners were common, but often went unreported.
“Every year, evaluators find currency notes inside answer sheets, but it has never been on record. Most evaluators remain tight-lipped on these cases — some even pocket the tip — because there are no strict guidelines to rein in wayward examinees or greedy examiners,” the sources said adding that the UFM case against the examinee is the only action the university takes. This time, it is looking ahead of the guidelines and planning stricter action as the case is not merely use of unfair means but an attempt to bribe examiners.

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