Why is #WeWantPopulationControlLaw trending on Twitter?

Amid the on going Parliament session, netizens are now demanding Population Control Law on Twitter.

In July 2019, Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha introduced the proposed Population Control Bill, 2019, in the Rajya Sabha with the purpose to control the population growth in India. The proposed bill was signed by 125 MPs. However, it is yet to become a law.

One must note that many countries have Population Control Law to ensure that the country's population does not surpass a certain point and it becomes difficult to manage.

China too has a law for the same in place. However, India, which is the second-most populous country after China has no such law.

Now, on Monday, netizens demanded that the topic should be taken up in the Parliament and a law should be passed. And soon #WeWantPopulationControlLaw was the top trend on Twitter.

Among other concerns, Twitterati seemed to be worried about Muslim population overtaking Hindus in India. Several on Twitter cited an Indian Express article from 2017 that stated "India has been projected to have the largest Muslim population by 2050, according to a report by the Pew research centre. The report says there will be 311 million Muslims in India by 2050, a population which will constitute 11 per cent of the global trend. The research also says that India will continue to house the largest number of Hindus in the world, with their population rising to 1.3 billion."

A Twitter user said, "India to have largest Muslim population by 2050. that's main reason. We are demand immediately population control law in India. RT you #WeWantPopulationControlLaw"

Another Twitter user said, "#WeWantPopulationControlLaw Because terrorists are causing population explosion in India to create another Pakistan In 2050, India will have highest terrorist population Some people are breeding 12-13 kids like Dogs and Pigs and looting tax payer money #populationcontrollaw"

Others also said that the law is important considering the poverty, unemployment rate, burden on various resources in India.

A Twitter user said, "Population Explosion leads to: :Poverty :Unemployment :Extra demand for food & water :Burden on Healthcare system We can't just go on with producing something we can't even feed. There is need for Population Control Law in #WeWantPopulationControlLaw"

Check out some tweets here:

Earlier, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Nainital, Ajay Bhatt has introduced a private member bill in the Lok Sabha on population control which has also been tabled.

It will be discussed along with the facts in the coming days, Bhatt informed.

"Controlling the population is very important, it is increasing alarmingly. Castes, religions, etc should not be of the scale of the population, there should be the same law for everyone, there should be the same boundaries," said Bhatt.

"I have made an effort to bring a bill in Lok Sabha to control the population because the kind of problems have already occurred and which are going to occur in the future are an alarm for us," he added.

Bhatt continued saying that even the PM has mentioned about population control in one of his speeches.

"Had the COVID-19 crisis not occurred, we would have witnessed some positive step in this regard. In the next census, we would even cross China's population in the future according to the experts," he added.

Union Minister Giriraj Singh had also said that rising population of the country has become a "challenge" and added that "strict laws for the same are required if we want to stand with developed nations".

Earlier, in 2019, Kapil Mishra drew flak on social media over a controversial tweet which the RJD alleged was stoking communal hatred, but he maintained that he was trying to raise awareness on the need for population control.

The tweet was later taken down by Twitter for violating its guidelines. "If you want pollution to come down, then you should reduce these firecrackers and not the ones burst on Diwali," Mishra tweeted tagging a photograph of an elderly man with a skull cap and several children along with women in burqa, waiting in a queue.

The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) hit out at Mishra, accusing him of comparing "Muslim children to pollution" for his "petty politics" and stoking acrimony in society.

Mishra, a former AAP MLA who was disqualified as member of the Delhi's Legislative Assembly, hit back saying he had only posted pictures of children but "they are seeing them as Muslims".

"There is no mention of Hindu or Muslim in my tweet. If the picture would have been of a Hindu family, would they have reacted in the same manner," he tweeted.

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