Where are the achche  din? Didi mocks Modi

Also predicts that BJP will not get a single seat in Bengal in the next Lok Sabha elections as Kolkata stops in its tracks 

Kolkata  : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Monday called for a movement against Narendra Modi government, at the Centre in view of rising prices and said the BJP would not be able to emerge a major political force in the Trinamool Congress-ruled state.

“Within a month after coming to power, the Centre has increased the prices of petrol, diesel and hiked rail fares and freight rates. They (BJP) had said many things before the

elections but after coming to power they are doing just the reverse. We will launch our movement against these democratically,” Banerjee said while addressing a mammoth rally here. Mamata also predicted that BJP will not get a single seat in the next general elections in Bengal.

“The BJP has won only in one seat in West Bengal in the Lok Sabha election. They already had one and they managed to get another seat this time (2014 Lok Sabha elections). So they now have just two seats from Bengal. But mind you the number of BJP seats will never increase any more. Instead it will be reduced to zero in the next general elections,” Mamata said.

Speaking at a mammoth gathering organised by her party to observer Martyr’s Day and Victory Rally for the success of her party in last Lok Sabha elections in Esplanade in the heart of the city, she said that the BJP is indulging communal politics and fomenting riots in west Bengal to get political mileage. She warned that there is no place of such politics in the state.

“They are trying to indulge in communal politics in the state. We will not let this happen. There is no room for communalism on the soil of Bengal,” she said. According to the estimate of the police, more than three lakh party supporters joined Monday’s rally throwing traffic out of gear for several hours on the first working day of the week. People were stranded for hours together as the roads were choked due to the procession. There was transport scarcity in the districts as the ruling party took away the private buses for its supporters to join the meeting.

 Ambar Mukherjee

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