Telangana: Ruling TRS announces slew of sops for by-election to Huzurabad seat
Telangana: Ruling TRS announces slew of sops for by-election to Huzurabad seat
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Hyderabad: The spree of sops and rechristened schemes in Telangana state may transform into major turning points on the political front as the government is looking at the Huzurabad by-election as the most challenging hustings since the formation of the state. Though 3-4 by-elections took place during the fresh tenure of the TRS regime, never before the present election the ruling party took the election more seriously than the present context.

The government led by KCR during the past one month period is viewing each and every step meticulously and since the medical and health minister Eetela Rajender was sacked during the peak hours of COVID-19 second wave, and the portfolio was held now by chief minister himself observers felt the administration would have to make herculean efforts to overcome the lapses.

However, the Chief minister while carrying forward the challenging task announced the establishment of more medical colleges on the government sector and a foundation stone was laid for the multi-storied superspecialty hospital at Warangal. This announcement is all the while a different one and the people felt it as a move towards health care advancement. While the health sector was geared up thoroughly to oversee a health care mechanism improvement process, BCs among the population were suddenly given a support hand by the government.

The ousted Minister Eetela Rajender belongs to OBC section and since he is compelled to tender his resignation after being what many feel he was branded a land grabber. After his sacking the ousted minister could make it an issue that projected the victimization of BC caste called Mudiraj and it paved way for plugging the loopholes swiftly by the chief minister. Sops came in the form of establishment of medical colleges, hospitals and at a later stage in the form of a Dalit Kranthi scheme aimed at alleviating the conditions of Scheduled Caste communities. Similarly the announcement of an insurance scheme for the weavers community in Siricilla and the assertion pertaining to the implementation of pension for the unemployed sections who secured 57 years age.

Though these issues are not viewed as the election-related sops by the ruling party, observers on the political front feel that the ace strategist of elections in Telangana, KCR is certainly sparing no stone unturned to retain the Huzurabad seat if an election is announced immediately. The TRS during its present term has retained the Kodad and Nagarjunasagar seats in by-elections but it lost the Dubbaka seat to BJP. The sacked minister Eetela Rajender joined BJP now and he is throwing a serious challenge to TRS.

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