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PM Modi

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The Congress on Saturday lambasted PM Modi for abdication of responsibility, and tweeted, “There’s one thing alone that our PM is good at — passing the buck at all times.”

It said there is a limit to hypocrisy, claiming two faces of the PM. “When vaccine is made: Modi ji’s success. When vaccine is in shortage: Collective responsibility.” “Yes Modiji, we reiterate what you once said —Hypo­crisy ki bhi seema hoti hai.”

In a series of tweets with the hashtag #BJPSeSavalPuchhteRahna, the Congress said: “While the opposition parties and the common people have had to collectively put up with all your failed policy decisions, the least you could do Modiji, is accept you’ve made them.”

Demonetisation, collective responsibility, GST, collective responsibility, lockdown, collective responsibility, and vaccine drive, collective responsibility.

“Answer this PM Modi: Was it the Indian people who decided to hold huge public rallies or large festival gatherings? Was it the Indian people that declared premature victory over the virus?”

“Finding oxygen, finding medicine, finding hospital beds and saving lives have all become the “collective responsibility” of Indian citizens because the #ManipulativeBJP govt and PM Modi have abdicated their responsibility to protect our people,” says another Congress tweet.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s one-liner taunt instead of blaming the PM. “Crocodiles are innocent,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, the Congress said it stands by the country’s people in corona crisis. “Every member of the Congress family is helping the people to face the crisis. Until the corona is defeated, our help will continue.”

On hundreds of bodies now rising from the sand on the banks of the Ganga in Kanpur, and police, administration covering it with soil, the Congress tweeted: “Unnav, Ghazipur, Prayagraj and now Kanpur! Who is responsible for this burial of the humanity? Is not entitled for the last rites as per the Hindu culture? Where are Modi-Adityanath ji?”

“If the horrific images of dead bodies floating down the Ganga and deaths due to lack of oxygen weren’t enough to shake the Yogi govt out of its denial and slumber, what will,” it asked.

On PM Modi’s new “mantra” of the doorstep treatment, “Jahan Bimar, Vahin Upchar,” the Congress tweeted such “mantras” are handed out when the health system collapses.

“If coronavirus were to come under control from your mantras, it would have gone away long ago. Earlier also you dished out the Mantras like “2 gaj ki duri, mask hai zaroori,” “Jab tak davai nahi, tab tak dhilai nahi” and “davai bhi aur kadayi bhi”. You keep giving slogans and what did people connected with your party? Brought down the democratically elected government in Madhya Pradesh with deceit. Then your leaders did not follow two yards’ distance and the mask necessary. Poll campaign without fear in Bihar, not adhering to no laxity without medicines. You yourself flayed both medicines and strict control in Bengal elections. Your mantras won’t change the situation. Government will have to also fulfil some responsibilities, in which it has been fully a failure.”

The Congress also taunted the Modi government for its first stress on "test, test and test" makes a big U-turn to cut down its 70% RT-PCR test goal declared during the “Tika Utsav” (vaccine festival) to 40% after June end. It was the same Modi who told the Chief Ministers" Test more, don't worry about high positive cases." But the stance changed in just a month. 11 May 2011 16 lakh tests/day. 20 May 2011 12-13 lakh/day. In the last 24 hours, RT-PCR 10.5 lakh or 51.3% and RAT (rapid antigen test) 8.92 lakh or 43.4% and TrueNat 1 lakh or 5.3%. Source is Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Who benefits from under-reporting of Covid cases, Modi ji? Not the people of India. Not the Congress.

"The reason why BJP's fake news machinery has upped its ante? Because the king's image should be protected." The entire BJP machinery is busy on how to deny that Modi's approval rating tumbles to a new low as India grapples with deadly second wave," the Congress said in another tweet.

"When the government had to take the policy decisions to tackle, the PM was busy giving calls for clapping, beating thali and burning lamp. The nation is paying the price for the PM's negligence," the Congress added in a tweet.

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