Patents granted to IIT Indore for inventions


IIT Indore has been granted 2 patents by Indian Patent Office for its novel inventions. One patent has been secured by Dept of Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering faculty member Prof Avinash Sonawane, and another by Dr Anirban Sengupta of Computer Science Dept.

Sonawane got patent for his novel research on "The development of asparaginase drug for the treatment of blood cancer". This a new asparaginase drug (M-ASPAR) using protein engineering approach to treat Acute Lymphocytic Leuke­mia, a type of blood cancer.

Similarly, Sengupta got patent for invention on "Design Space Exploration System and Method thereof using a Bacterial Foraging Optimization Mechanism" that is useful for designing digital chips of camera systems and mobile devices. The invention is several magnitudes efficient that other state of the art inventions used for this purpose. The invention is capable to enhance the speed of chips and reduce power using biological chemotaxis and elimination-dispersal pro-cess. The present invention relates to design space exploration, and particularly to method and system for design space exploration in high level synthesis.

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