Indore: A group of students of a management institute here have initiated a case study on ‘Brand Namo’ which has established itself as a major political force in the country.

“Four of our students are working on a case study on how ‘Brand Namo’ was established,” Devi Ahilyabai Vishwa Vidyalaya’s (DAVV) Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Marketing Management professor Nishikant Vaikar told PTI.

The case study is supposed to find out how ‘Brand Namo’ was established as a major force during the Lok Sabha poll campaign.
The case study would be complete in three months, he said, adding that this case study would be taught to students along with the principles of marketing.

Indore-based Indian Institute of Management (IIM) spokesperson, Akthar Pervez said that ‘Brand Namo’ would definitely draw the attention of management experts since no other political leader has created a brand of himself in this manner.

Free Press Journal