Central Railways headquarters at Mumbai CSTM.
Central Railways headquarters at Mumbai CSTM.

There is an imperative need to take precautions/ preventions, in Coaches which are frequented & utilised by a number of passengers in wake of the COVID-19 issue. The following specific precautions/ focussed attention in Coaches/ Maintenance depots is taken:

(A) During Coach Maintenance:

1. All coach fittings such as grab handles, door handles, door latches, entry door handles, seat guard, snack trays, window glass, window grill, bottle holders, upper berth climbing stair that are frequently touched by passengers, electrical switches, charge points, Dustbins are being intensively cleaned using disinfectant.

2. Special focus is being given to intensive cleaning of toilets, including wash basins, Toilet Seat with Hot water jet cleaning for better efficacy.

3. Doorway/ Gangway area, frequented by passengers are being thoroughly cleaned with Hot water (using the mechanised cleaning equipment wherever available).

4. Pest/ Rodent control measures wherever needed is being intensified.

5. Intensive cleaning including steam cleaning will be ensured in Pantry Cars.

(B) Interior Furnishing Related:

1. All curtains in AC coaches will be removed in next 4-5 days.

2. Wherever roller blinds are installed (such as Tejas, IAC windows) the rolling-down cloth/ fabric roll will be removed, instead of the entire roller blind assembly.

3. OBHS (On Board House-Keeping Staff) gang is sufficiently provided with liquid soap, napkin rolls so that the same can be adequately replenished, as needed during the journey. OBHS will also be provided with sufficient disinfectant chemicals & they are being instructed + monitored by the supervisors for frequent service especially toilet + washbasin cleaning & dustbin clearance.

(C) Linen Related:

1. Blankets:

a. NEW (unused) blankets will be provided replacing the older blankets immediately.

b. At Laundry : With an Immediate effect, ALL BLANKETS will be put through a High temp soak in the tumble dryers of the laundries. The high temp soak, raises the temperature to 75-80 deg C. This high temp soak can be supplemented by UV light immersion.

c. The Temp setting in AC coaches will be set to summer settings of 23-25 deg C. However, if any passengers (Sr. citizens, Children) still need blankets. Only such passengers will be provided with Blankets only when demanded.

d. ALL blankets, used by passengers will be segregated in separate linen bags.

e. ALL blankets used by passengers should be put through Hot Temp soaking (Point (a), above) before being distributed again.

f. Blankets, provided in I AC, as per usual practice are provided with covers, even those covers will be washed after every usage of the blanket.

2. Other Linen Items:

a. AC linen attendants are strictly counselled against recirculation of used linen.

b. Special attention is given to segregation of stained hand towels & their washing.

3. General precautions/info concerning Linen:

a. Linen attendants are advised to maintain a vigil for any passenger with cold/ cough symptoms AND segregate the linen items used by such passenger. Such linen items will be separately washed & put through a hot temperature soak cycle.

b. To educate/ communicate to the customers, a notice/ sticker stating In order to ensure personal safety & hygiene, blankets are ordinarily not being distributed with bedroll. Customers who still need the blanket, may please approach the Attendant will be displayed in AC coaches.

The staff/supervisors/officers should ensure the above measures, while taking adequate prevention on themselves.

Depot supervisors & Officers during rake checks/ examinations & laundry inspections will frequently check compliance of the above measures.

These above measures will be ensured for at least a month (till 15/04/2020 or till further notice).

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