New Delhi: Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday hit back the Congress, accusing it of attempts to weaken the morale of the country and the armed forces. “When the whole country is one, when countries after countries are passing resolutions condemning Pulwama attack and standing firmly with India, the true face of Congress has appeared, seeking to weaken the morale of the country,” he said.

On the Congress criticism of PM Modi, he told a press conference that India is “safe in his hands.” He asked the Congress to understand that the country trusts Modi’s courage, capability and leadership.

Yes, the government decided against a national mourning as that would have only stopped the govt events for development and that would have made perpetrators of the crime happy, Prasad said, asserting that “there will be no Bharat bandh because of the terrorists’ gameplan.” Pointing out that BJP had cancelled all party programmes for three days, Prasad said there is basic difference between the thinking of Congress and BJP.

He said there was no insult to Pulwama martyrs as all Union ministers reached the places of their last rites, but at the same time the government decided not to stop the country. Asserting that under PM Modi’s leadership the nation will not stop nor bow to any pressure, Prasad replied pointwise to all five questions by Congress earlier in the day