Your Day By  Nilikash P. Pradhan

Aries: – Afternoon luck accompanies you everywhere. In the morning your spouse will guide you. Don’t lose your temper. Try to get together with people. Opposite sex will help your Romantic relationships could get cosier at evening.

Taurus: – Generally you prefer to live safely. Today try to finish your work before afternoon. You should be reserved mind at the end of the day. Take care of health.

Gemini: – Your original nature of adjustment, so you sacrifice in your married life. Today try to select a proper person and go ahead. There will be increase in income. Will get honor in service.

Cancer: – Your ability to see through issues and hard work will help you. Seniors will appreciate your work. Focus on your business. Your opposite sex friend will influence you positively.

Leo: – Today afternoon you will emerge victorious over your enemies. Take care of your health there will be increase in prosperity and wealth. You will be truthful and cautious.

Virgo: – Take in mind today when poverty comes in at the door love flies out of the window. You are truthful diplomatic and cautious so your ambitions will bear fruit. Don’t worry but take care.

Libra: – In business take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. Your confidence will be increased at the end of the day. Your spouse will influence you positively.

Scorpio: – Those who are planning to start new ventures, now it is the time to take those first steps to success. You will climb up the social and political ladder. A rise in honour and authority is likely.

Sagittarius: – there is no rose without a thorn. There will be gains through short term trading in stocks and commodities at the end of the day. Bank employees will have to take care while handling cash in the money.

Capricorn: – Don’t discuss family matters loudly. Walls have ears! In domestic discussions be open to others viewpoints. There will be increase in profit at business. Seniors at work place will be impressed with your work.

Aquarius: – Members of the firm in which you are working will have a positive influence. Expenses must be kept under check. Expecting women may find problems during child birth.

Pisces: – Time and tide wait for none. Take chance of each and every opportunity in business and social work. Try to invest in stock market today; banking and financial sector will gain you more profits. Women will tend to suffer from pain in ankles.

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