Aries:- It is better to think about long term monetary gain rather than a short term one. You will get full co-operation from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions.

Taurus:- You could get upset if your partner is unable to make time for you. There will be differences between you and your associates if you didn’t make any adjustment at work place.

Gemini:- You have to work very persistently at your work place. Profits can be made in retail sector. Legal practice will be on track. Continuous hard work is going to be fruitful to you.

Cancer:- There will be love and warmth between children and parents. Charming and magnetic outlook shall even attract new partners. Rom-antic relationship with partner will be good.

Leo:- If there is a relationship you have been struggling to repair or rejuvenate can easily blow up. You will be more passionate. Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts before signing any deal.

Virgo:- You make all right moves and are ultra efficient at work. Home life will be pleasant and children will bring great joy. Stock market trading will be profitable today.

Libra:- Partner shall rely largely on you & hence a better performance on part is expected in this field. Some complications are expected in the love field which needs to be tackled diligently.

Scorpio:- Scorpio’s imaginative qualities make romance colourful and hot. From today you try to look a house in a good locality Today wear shades of yellow.

Sagittarius:- You have to be tactful while handling issues in your profession. Responsibility of work will increase at work place. Don’t worry about your family issues.

Capricorn:- Spend some time with your loved ones. Misunder-standing will get over at work place. You have to be practical and must keep transparency between your co workers.

Aquarius:- Business meetings will be productive and could lead to gains. Aggressive decision in your profession is going help you. Don’t neglect your life partner feelings.

Pisces:- You can enjoy sound health in combination with a contented mind. You will be mentally free. You will reconstruct yourself into a more mature person.

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