Soak in the sun to tackle Osteoporosis, Bone aches

Work is the most important thing in every human’s life, even more so in this city; so much so that health takes a backseat when it comes to work. Sure, people are concerned about whether they ‘look’ fit or not but that mostly amounts to going to the gym and sipping on protein shakes. This, per say, is not a bad thing. It is, in fact, good to stay fit and look good. But, between all this we forget about the smaller necessities like vitamins and trace minerals needed for functioning of our bodies.

Vitamin D, for one, is an important ingredient needed for proper growth, development and normal day-to-day functioning of our body. It is also the most easily available vitamin there is but is often ignored because of our daily oh-so-busy lifestyle.


“People want to stay healthy and don’t have the time to waste to stay healthy. So, they enrol in a gym to rush there for swift workout sessions then bolt back home in their cars and from there, off to work. In between all this rushing around they forget to step out in the sun for even a little while to soak in some much-needed Vitamin D,” says Finance consultant Aditi Ghosh.

Aditi’s mother suffers from osteoporosis so she took it upon her to know all there is to know about osteoporosis. “My mother was a homemaker and between her children and husband and other homebound work, she would rarely step out of home and even when she did go out it was always by a car or taxi. So, her Vitamin D intake was almost insignificant and since she never gave importance to her Vitamin D intake via food, she now suffers from severe osteoporosis,” adds Aditi.

Osteoporosis is one of the many diseases that you can develop if your Vitamin D intake is not proper. Vitamin D helps in absorption of calcium, which is necessary for maintaining proper bone density. Although Vitamin D deficiency is not the only cause of Osteoporosis, it is one of the main causes.

Bone and muscle pain

And, not just osteoporosis, people who have lower vitamin D in their bodies are at higher risk of many other diseases. Bone and muscle pains are just a couple of the many things that results due to lower level of vitamin D in one’s body.  It is ancient news that that Vitamin D is only needed for proper functioning and development of bones and teeth. It is significant in many other functions of our bodies and deficiency can lead to many complications

The multifaceted vitamin D

Over the years, many researches have shown that there are a host of things that can go wrong with our body functioning if our Vitamin D intake is not adequate.

Heart failure is also one of the many things associated with lower level of Vitamin D levels. According to a research, women with low Vitamin D levels had a 67 per cent increased risk of developing hypertension.

Depression and Schizophrenia is also related to deficiency of Vitamin D in humans.

In a study published in Cambridge Journals, it was discovered that Vitamin D reduces the incidence of respiratory infections in children. Another study revealed that Psoriasis can be treated with synthetic Vitamin D


A study in Finland revealed that Vitamin D can reduce the risk of developing Type I Diabetes by 80 per cent. Vitamin D also reduces the severity of Asthma attack.

Increasing Vitamin D intake is also suggested to those suffering from chronic gum disease as vitamin D helps in production of defensins and cathelicidin – compounds that contain microbial properties and lower number of mouth bacteria

It has also been revealed that increased dose of Vitamin D shows a reduction of 75 per cent in overall cancer growth and 50 per cent in tumour cases among those already having the disease. Higher Vitamin D intake especially helps in reduction of risk of breast cancer.

Sources of vitamin D

Vitamin D is also referred to as sunshine vitamin. As the name suggests, sunshine is the biggest and the best source of Vitamin D.

When it comes to food, fishes like salmon, tuna and flounder are one of the better of Vitamin D. Beef and pork liver too can help you with your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Milk fortified with Vitamin D is also another good source of vitamin D. Egg yolk too contains some level of Vitamin D.

Mushroom is another vegetarian source of Vitamin D. Among mushrooms, Shiitake has the most significant amount of vitamin D. No fruit contains Vitamin D and but you can always look for fortified fruit juices for your daily dose Vitamin D.

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