Rohit Kamath and Loveena Sirohi, founders of India Hemp Organics
Rohit Kamath and Loveena Sirohi, founders of India Hemp Organics
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Cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug derived from a plant with the same name and is used primarily for medical and recreational purposes.

Although nowadays, its use is frowned upon by society, the plant offers a variety of benefits that are often overlooked.

India Hemp Organics aims to change that. Founded by Rohit Kamath (23) and Loveena Sirohi (21), the organisation serves a threefold purpose of healing people, enriching farmer communities and promoting sustainable development.

The company offers an array of products ranging from medicines to protein powders, all of which are formulated using two core ingredients-Hemp and Medical Cannabis.

"Hemp is relatively easy to cultivate and can be used to make over 25,000 different products, from nutrition to textiles and from plastic to paper products," said Rohit Kamath, Co-Founder & Director of India Hemp Organics.

The company's medicinal line has been formulated using hemp leaves whereas their nutritional range is derived from the seed.

"The leaves contain over 113+ different cannabinoids that help combat ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other such ailments."

"The seeds have a high nutrient composition and offer multiple benefits, ranging from weight management, improved gut health, better digestion, increased energy levels, hormonal balance, better brain health, and improved immunity," he said

The organisation sources most of its ingredients from farmers in Uttrakhand, where Hemp cultivation has been legalised for industrial purposes. They also make it a point to donate 10% of their proceeds to farmer communities and rural development projects in the region.

"At IHO, we envision a future where our farmers are growing crops for industries. And we help them in multiple ways. Firstly we tie-up with partners to organise awareness campaigns within local communities to incentivise the cultivation of the crop. Secondly, we commit to buying Hemp seeds from them at fair trade prices. And lastly,10% of our total proceeds go back to our farmer communities to support artisanal empowerment."

Hemp -a sub-set of the ayurvedic industry in India is licensed by the AYUSH ministry to be used as an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and according to Rohit, has zero side effects.

While the products made using Hemp seeds can be consumed by children and grownups alike, 'Canabliss' or the medicinal range can only be purchased with a prescription. To that end-the company also offers medicinal consultations on their website with renowned Ayurvedic doctors.

"The medicinal oils are to be consumed orally under the tongue and require a prescription from a doctor since it’s a schedule E-1 drug, however our personal care range comprises of topical oils for external use and does not require a prescription," he said.

The company also organises awareness campaigns, hosts events, and conducts talks & sessions in order to eliminate the social stigma attached to Cannabis.

"We work towards building a strong community pool of men and women who can contribute to bettering their own health and well being along with others, through the use of Hemp and Medical Cannabis."

"At IHO, we help our consumers realise that the Cannabis plant is not the one they’ve so often mistaken it to be, but one that offers multiple other benefits and can be used to aid better health and well-being."

"It is also one of India’s only 5 sacred plants. And today, modern science and research recognise its myriad benefits as well," Rohit said, signing off.

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