Have a miracle morning

Have you ever experienced the magical power of morning rituals? These are known as the power of positive affirmations, which are a doorway to your success and healthy lifestyle.

Morning rituals are obvious secrets to transform your lifestyle. These will programme your conscious and sub-conscious mind to take up all the challenges beyond what you have ever experienced, and level you up in your personal and professional life.

It has the power to overcome your self-sabotage and de-clutter your negative thoughts. So let us focus on the rituals which can pay off forever.

What are morning rituals?

Rituals are beyond routines, but a sequence of actions followed daily, which are designed to incredibly transform the whole of you bit-by-bit. It is the process of administrating superior habits and positive affirmations early morning and implementing them throughout the course of life.

It can be anything if you begin to do something intentionally with a sense of gratitude, aligning the fine practices to enhance your mental and physical well-being.

Have a miracle morning

It can be more specified as rituals than a routine because it is based on significant actions looking forward to self-consciousness development which is more than just an exercise. Rituals are those which empower you to experience an extraordinary day with compassion, energy and liveliness.

How to programme rituals in your daily life...

Quality of sleep matters: Sleep deprivation at night is a major source of cultivating depression, forgetfulness, deterioration of your conscious level, drowsiness and low productivity. Customising morning rituals are not easy if you don’t wake up early.

So to wake up early before going to bed you need to practice meditation for at least 20 minutes. Mind calming practices can effectively slow down your racing mind. After meditating give yourself 8 hours of peaceful sleep per day.

Meditation before sleeping: Before sleeping, switch off the lights. You can listen to meditation songs - soothing relaxing music with nature sounds for blissful deep relaxation. This can help you to de-clutter your stress, fight fatigue and insomnia and let you find your inner peace.

Have a miracle morning

“Nothing of me and everything of you” should be the prayer offered to the Divine as you awake in the morning with a sense of gratitude, imagining yourself surrounded by lush green trees and chirping of birds. We should all learn to cultivate positivity within us as soon as we wake up.

Give yourself some time to balance your conscious and sub-conscious mind and start praying and feel yourself from within with a big smile. This brings positivity in you and can be done for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Drink water — Drink three glasses of warm water on an empty stomach as soon as you are done with your first ritual. It flushes out all your negative internal toxins and strengthens your immunity system. It helps in cleansing of the colon and makes your intestine absorption strong.

Basic rituals — Wash your face to feel more energetic.

Feel the rays of the sun — Sit or stand near the window (area has to be very calm and peaceful) and feel the sun which is a direct exposure to Vitamin D for your skin. Can be done for 5 to 10 minutes only.

Spiritual fitness — Dive deeper into meditation practices in the morning for mental fitness and give yourself a life-altering experience in a positive way. It helps our consciousness unfolding in subtle and more profound ways.

Physical fitness — Physical fitness is essential for self-realisation and transformation. To make you physically strong, attractive and active, an hour of exercise for the physical body can help you to get in better shape, gives cardio vascular fitness and strength training. Physical fitness is one of the most crucial sources to keep yourself happy as it is said - “When you look good, you feel good”.

Emotional fitness — Being proactive in your emotional fitness can increase your resilience to handle difficult people and situations.

Start your day with cultivating the feeling of gratitude and forgiveness can help you develop your emotional side. Remembering a few things throughout the day...

Be focused on your work and strive for quality output.

Never expect too much from anyone, which is the biggest source of disappointment.

Be focused on your professional and personal commitments.

Never over-commit.

Intellectual fitness — Intellectual fitness includes wellness practices that encourage you to adopt creative and mentally stimulating activates. Morning is a wonderful time for reading and learning at least for one hour a day or watch motivational videos.

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