Food Trends 2016: MasterChef Shipra Khanna picks

In this final part of the series, Sapna Sarfare speaks to MasterChef Shipra Khanna, to predict food trends in India for 2016.

MasterChef Shipra Khanna, MasterChef Season 2 Winner, talks about the ever-changing Indian food scene in 2016.

How has our food scene changed in the last few years, in terms of restaurants and our general tastes?

Today, the world has become a small place when it comes to food. I would say that the main reason for it is via television as a medium, which has made world cuisine travel to a small town and reach out to the consumer who wants to taste & try the same at home or looks for a restaurant. As more and more people are stepping out to have a meal, the number of restaurants along with the number of cuisines is also increasing tremendously.

What cuisines are still popular but have changed slightly over the last few years in India?

India is a nation with varied cuisines & language changing every 100 km. Fusion cuisine is the one, which is really trending now, and shows have really made people think differently when it comes to food. Yet, it is very difficult to point out on one cuisine, as there are a lot of them.

In terms of certain food products or items, how have things changed?

It is very exciting to see food products evolving and becoming better with growing trend of new cuisines becoming popular in India. In fact, farmer’s markets are growing in number, where they have organic  products and ingredients made in India which was never the case before.

What are the major food trends in 2016 to be seen in India, in terms of cuisines and products?

Molecular Gastronomy along with Fusion Cuisine is trending extensively in India.

Which is the one trend you would want to carry forward in 2016 from the last year or two?

It is great to see creativity evolving and getting better daily. Here, styling & plating starting since 2012 has taken Indian cuisine to a different level. I wish to see this trend growing, evolving and staying.

Here are some Mumbai Eateries Recommended by MasterChef Shipra Khanna for Food Trends 2016:

Cafe Sabrosa, BKC

This is first name recommended by the chef as her favourite in Mumbai for all kinds of continental delights and has everyone in the city loving its food, ambience and service.

Fable, Juhu 

This next delight suggested by the chef is another good place for continental delicacies, apart from Italian chow. Head here for some amazingly simple delights prepared nicely.

True Tramm Trunk, Juhu

If you want to chill out with your pals after a hard day’s work, this suggestion would be a great option for the evenings, thanks to its continental and finger food offerings.

Masala Library, BKC

Planning to have some tasty North & South Indian meals? Try this place in the Bandra-Kurla Complex area that has been keeping everyone happy in recent times.

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