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Updated on: Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 03:29 PM IST

5 Reasons to invest in a fixed deposit this holiday season


Come winter, and Christmas carols and the spirit of giving fill the air. Brands and retailers also join in the festivities and you’re likely to find attractive discounts everywhere you look. However, while shopping and gifting are an essential to the season, it’s also fitting that you think of ways to grow your finances and enjoy them for many more Christmases to come. An ideal way forward is to invest a portion of this year’s earnings in a safe instrument such as the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit. This way you enjoy the guarantee of returns and the benefit of generous yields.

Read on to know what positions Bajaj Finance FD amongst the best instruments available this winter.

Benefit from investment stability and timely interest payouts

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a Bajaj Finance FD is that your investment grows in a safe environment. Further, the guarantee of timely and predictable payouts can be substantiated by not one but two facts. First, Bajaj Finance is the only NBFC to have been assigned a long-term issuer credit rating of ‘BBB-’, with a stable outlook, and a short-term issuer credit rating of ‘A-3’ by S&P Global Ratings. Second, the FD carries both ICRA’s and CRISIL’s highest credibility ratings, MAAA and FAAA respectively.

Grow your finances at an attractive rate of interest

Bajaj Finance not only guarantees the safety of your investment, but also helps you grow your investment FD interest rates running up to 8.35%. The rates peak for tenors of 36 months or more and for investments that have payouts at maturity. Nevertheless, investing in a Bajaj Finance FD is a rewarding experience, irrespective of the scheme you choose. This can be seen through the fact that Bajaj Finance is the only NBFC to have zero unclaimed deposits. Further, the FD has a book size of about ₹ 17,633 crore and has witnessed a year-over-year growth of 60%.

Below is an illustration of your earnings with a Bajaj Finance FD with earnings payable at maturity.

Align your FDs to your goals with a flexible tenor

Bajaj Finance facilitates efficient financial planning by allowing you to invest over a flexible tenor, ranging from 1 to 5 years. Therefore, you can align the maturity dates of each FD to match your short- and medium-term goals, be it buying a car, purchasing a home, or going on a holiday.

When doing so, remember that the longer the tenor, the higher your interest earnings and the better the effect of compound interest. So, use the FD calculator to draw out a winning investment strategy.

Choose to receive periodic interest payouts

When you invest in a Bajaj Finance FD, you can either opt for a lumpsum payout at the end of the tenor or regular payouts after specified intervals. Choosing the former allows you to maximise your gains, and picking the latter helps you plug recurring monetary needs. For instance, you may be a senior citizen requiring assistance every quarter to pay medical bills and by opting for the right FD scheme you can tend to these without worry.

Access funds during emergencies and enjoy other benefits

In case you find yourself short of funds in an emergency you can sidestep breaking your FDs and avail a loan against FD of up to Rs.4 lakh. Further, you can adopt the laddering technique by investing in multiple FDs of different tenors with a single cheque deposit. This is possible courtesy of the Multi-Deposit facility. Additionally, you can opt for FD Auto-Renewal to stay invested for longer without needing to put in a new application. Moreover, you can invest in FDs through your debit card at select locations.

Now that you know why the Bajaj Finance FD makes for the perfect investment this Christmas, fill out the simple online FD form to get started. Doing so authorises an executive to contact you and provide pertinent assistance, as well as puts you in stead to starting 2020 on a firm financial footing!


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