Treating cancer through art

Treating cancer through art

FRANCIS H D'SA comes away impressed by Colours of Life, CPAA’s annual art exhibition and sale of paintings

Francis H D'saUpdated: Saturday, September 21, 2019, 06:51 PM IST

Coinciding with the 50th year of the Cancer Patients Aid Association, the 15th anniversary exhibition is being held to raise funds to help cancer patients alleviate their suffering and make the journey bearable.

Bina Aziz

Bina Aziz |

In most cases in a country like India, people suffering from cancer usually do not have the funds for treatment. Which is where the CPAA steps in with its annual exhibition where part of the proceeds from the sale of the exhibits go to the cancer afflicted to help them towards recovery.

Charan Sharma

Charan Sharma |

The CPAA’s existing funds were insufficient to donate for the treatment of cancer patients, therefore 15 years ago Dr Shubha Maudgal spearheaded this initiative to help. Dr Shubha Maudgal, director and driving force behind this exhibition in an exclusive quote says, “This year is our 15th coinciding with the 50th year of the CPAA. The collection is bigger than ever. We have 106 artists contributing 170 works.”

Dinkar Jadhav Painting

Dinkar Jadhav Painting |

These artists have worked in mediums like acrylic, charcoal, etching and acquanot, mixed media, oils, pen and ink, photographs, serigraphs, silkscreen, tempera, watercolours, board, canvas, and paper. Also seen are macrame and mini format works.


Hrdas |

Dr Maudgal continues, “Abstract, figurative, naive, pop and surreal works are included. There are four Buddhas and five views of Benaras. Horses, bulls and elephants are portrayed in multiple works, sometimes the same subject in different versions.”

Kahini Arte Merchant

Kahini Arte Merchant |

Sizes range from 4” to 60” in the price range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15 lakh. Renowned artists like Kahini-Arte Merchant, Meera Devidayal, Ajay De, Dinkar Jadhav, Bharati Prajapati, Sudhir Kasliwal, T Vaikuntam, Muralidharan Krishnamoorthy, Naina Kanodia, Samir Mondal, have helped reach out to help a worthy cause.

Laxman Aelay

Laxman Aelay |

Senior artist Meera Devidayal says about her work here, “This aerial view of Mumbai, taken by my friend Gautam Patel, set me on a track of trying to create vignettes, which singularly and together give a sense of what is happening in the city and indeed in many others, across the country.

Nayanaa Kanodia

Nayanaa Kanodia |

Using the same photographs, my take-off points range from migration to survival, to aspiration, hierarchy and the fact that creation and destruction are happening simultaneously, without much thought of its long term impact on life in the city. The works are little capsules of different human situations. The image chosen is open ended, with the viewer adding his own experience to complete the picture.”

Nikhil Chaganlal

Nikhil Chaganlal |

Another senior artist speaking exclusively adds poignantly, “I faced cancer. My wife, my mother, and my sister all died of cancer. None of them showed any signs of facing death. They only smiled. That smile has given me hope to go on in my life and in my art. I try my best to give that smile to others.”

Samir Mondal

Samir Mondal |

Another young artist who is making waves nowadays and is always keen to make a difference to the lives of cancer stricken patients, speaking exclusively to this paper says, “As an artist, I create, I paint to show my soul, that I'm listening ... and then to transfer that energy from me on to the viewer. And this show, is very significant, for it endeavours to make the world less painful, to nourish, to transform.”

Subrata Gangopadhyay

Subrata Gangopadhyay |

Senior artist of Romanticism, Kahini Arte Merchant in supporting this initiative for years says, “In CPAA's 50th year, I am, as I have been for many years, supporting their cause in my own small way. So many people cannot afford the treatment of cancer. They need support both in terms of funds and counselling/ emotional support, while those at CPAA work relentlessly all year round to alleviate the suffering of others. My parti-cipation in the show is to but-tress their lofty cause and urge others to support them too.”

Tejinder Kanda

Tejinder Kanda |

Senior artist Jaideep Mehrotra concludes, “Seeing the hard work and utmost dedication in providing guidance, hope and confidence to the cancer afflicted, I have been supporting CPAA since 2005. I wish them more power in their endeavours.”

Yashwant Shirwadkar Banaras

Yashwant Shirwadkar Banaras |

Niyatee Shinde, senior art curator and art collector and entrepreneur who began it all for the CPAA remembers, “The CPAA has evolved wonderfully under the stewardship of committed valiant soldiers. I feel fortunate to have been associated in the first years. When they decided to do an exhibition I recall they invited me to handle the fundraiser. They didn't have a clue, barring the names of a couple of artists.

Laishram Meena Family

Laishram Meena Family |

From introducing and connecting the CPAA to artists, to identifying the gallery, to displaying the works and working at the printers for the catalogue, it was as I said, a labour of love. It is good to see they have dauntlessly continued their endeavour.”

Bring solace to the afflicted, buy a painting. They are accessible.

Make a difference to their lives. And yours.

Where: Cymroza art gallery, Mumbai

When: September 20-30, 2019