Six unique stays in Iceland you didn't know were possible

Whether you’re looking to sleep in a homemade treehouse or stay in an old lighthouse converted into apartments, you’ll find it here.

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Iceland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, also boasts one of the most eclectic hostel scenes on the planet. Whether you’re looking to sleep in a homemade treehouse or stay in an old lighthouse converted into apartments, you’ll find it here. Here are six unique places to stay in Iceland that you didn’t know were possible.

6 Unique Stays in Iceland You Didn't Know Were Possible

1) Stay overnight in an ice cave

If you want to sleep a little closer to nature, an ice cave may be the stay for you. There are several options to get this experience but they all work the same way. After arriving at your destination, you will have a 45-minute ride on a snowmobile or a 30-minute hike until you reach your accommodation. Each overnight stay includes transportation to and from Reykjavik and all meals are included. If sleeping on ice is too uncomfortable for you, thermal undergarments are available so that the temperature remains pleasant while you sleep through the night. It's important to note that the caves are not open year round due to melting conditions. There are several different tours offered by various tour operators, but it's important to make sure you're booking with someone who has experience in these specific types of stays. In addition, travellers should always check their weather before booking as trips can be cancelled due to safety concerns if there is any sign of rain within 48 hours of arrival date.

2) Stay at a green home

Located near Reykjavik, Airbnb's newest addition to its vast list of rentals is for the ecologically minded. The Seljavellir Green Home will not only offer travellers a cosy place to stay, but will also feature various sustainable and eco-friendly additions. This includes an electric car for travelling around Reykjavik and recycling bins for disposing of waste. In addition, there are small hydroponic gardens that provide visitors with vegetables during their stay.

3) Stay inside a glacier

In Iceland, you can stay inside the Vatnajökull Glacier. The ice sheet is more than two hundred kilometres long and 100 kilometres wide at its thickest point, meaning you have plenty of space to roam around. A team of 40 people chisels out a massive piece of glacier where you'll find a room with four beds, but no windows or doors. You're also given an oxygen mask as you walk through the tunnel carved into the ice. If you ever get claustrophobic, just take off your mask and take some deep breaths.

4) Stay on top of a waterfall

One of the most breathtaking views possible, staying on top of a waterfall is nothing short of spectacular. Fewer than one hundred people a year are allowed to spend the night here, and even fewer get to enjoy this astonishing experience twice as some people only do it once as a lifetime accomplishment. Hiking through rugged terrain with no trails means that access to the falls is limited, but those who make it there know what they're in for: a stunning spectacle of nature and time itself. There's something magical about being so close to the water and watching it crash down around you. The otherworldly green glow from the mossy rocks underneath the mist will have you mesmerised while enjoying an up-close view of Iceland's natural beauty. Make sure you bring enough food and water to last your stay; all supplies need to be carried in by foot or brought by helicopter.

5) Stay at a hostel

Coming to the land of fire and ice isn’t enough? The KEX hostel might just be what you are looking for. With clean rooms, comfy beds, and plenty of activities to keep you busy around the hostel area, this is not a place you want to miss on your Iceland vacation.

6) The 5 Million Star Hotel

This hotel is beautifully designed and is a bubble experience where you can look at the outdoors while staying in. A team of architects and engineers had to build this structure, so the guests can still enjoy it despite the changes in temperature. It is located in Reykholt and well worth visiting.

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