Riddhima Kapoor Sahni: Stay consciously fashionable

Our environment is in our hands, and more and more people are waking up to this fact. Around me, I see many people today are very conscious, and are opting for environmentally friendly choices, using natural fabrics like cotton, keeping it organic. Khadi has come back really big. Not long ago, I had walked the ramp for designers Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla because they were celebrating khadi... 50 years of khadi. Big designers and masters like them are also playing a key role in bringing these natural fabrics back.

It is definitely heartening to see many people today being aware about the need to wear environment friendly clothing. Traditional methods like weaving are preferable instead of mass manufacturing, where there is a lot of wastage and therefore should be avoided. Avoiding the use of toxic dyes for colouring purpose is essential, as is recycling, and keeping things very minimalistic. These dyes are toxic and they emit so many chemicals, which are extremely harmful overall for the environment.

Nowadays, a lot of organic stuff has also been introduced for kids. I keep hearing about it everywhere. I definitely intend checking it out because it’s a brilliant idea and needs to be propagated. Along with being environmentally conscious, we can also be socially conscious and promote Indian textiles. Keeping these factors in mind, if someone really wants to make a change, they will. Slowly but surely, people are getting conscious and they are making the switch. I think it’s a great idea and they should keep it up. Our government also supports it, which is brilliant. It is definitely a great initiative to wear environmentally friendly clothing.

I have a lot of outfits in khadi as well. Not mota khadi, but regular khadi, and I enjoy wearing them. I also have an outfit from Abu-Sandeep, and I recently got one outfit from another designer. I enjoy the feel of these garments and it’s an added bonus that they are also environmentally conscious clothing choices. I also wear a lot of cotton, pure cotton. I don’t really believe in wastage.

Apart from clothing, one good thing I've seen is that plastic has been banned. I’m so happy about that. Even when you go to a known cafe, you get these paper straws. It’s a little weird sipping your Frappuccino with a paper straw, but then again, it’s something that has been accepted by all. Of course, in being conscious towards the environment, whether it’s clothing or just generally on a daily basis, the good part is that people are being co-operative about it.

Another thing we can consciously do for the environment is carpooling. For kids, carpooling is a great idea. Try and get parents in the vicinity to get on board. This is another way to conserve energy and reduce pollution.

Yet another thing we can do is be more involved in recycling. Recycling bags, paper, even posters. It’s not important to just know these things, but to be pro-active and act on it as well. And that’s something we are seeing people do in today’s times. Also, say no to fur and leather when it comes to your fashion choices. Go for faux instead of these materials.

We can all become more environmentally conscious about our choices while still being fashionable. Mother Earth deserves nothing less!

— Co-ordinated by Pearl Mathias

(Creative head for ‘R’ Jewelry by Riddhima Kapoor Sahni and Sam & friends, this gorgeous sibling of Ranbir Kapoor keeps it effortlessly classy)

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