Revolver Rani: Miss Kohima runner-up, Nobel Economics winners and weathering with you

Now suddenly, when Mumbaikars shouted, Aawaz konacha, arre, what happened? Knock, knock? Hello, koi hai? NO sound only. The one number gaddar party, Shiv Sena has not even squeaked. Remember how loudly they shouted they were opposed to even one tree being cut in our Aarey Forest? Well, well, well, it is the silence of the lambs.

Who does not want power, right? Especially when they dream of the Chief Minister’s chair for their son. All are alike, only hope citizens learnt their lessons—a party which refuses to take responsibility to fill one pothole, how will it stop trees from being hacked? How conveniently they omitted the Aarey forest issue from the party manifesto.

What tall claims we heard, "Will Deal With Murderers.” Yeah, sure. But then remember the song, “Ask me no questions, you will hear no lies” — well, it is just that. Add to it the short public memory and this arrogant behaviour continues.

My, that Miss Kohima beauty pageant contestant was fantastic. What don’t tell me you did not get that WhatsApp forward? Haww, all nonsense you are busy downloading and watching, go and get yourself this short and sweet clip.

Revolver Rani: Miss Kohima runner-up, Nobel Economics winners and weathering with you

The finalists were asked what was the one question they would ask if they were on a chat show with PM Narendra Modi (Aiyyo, I know..poor thing). The runner-up candidate very sweetly said, “I would like to ask him to focus more on women, instead of cows.”

Aai shappat, hope she has been given security and is safe. Usually men dismiss these beauty queens and do not take them seriously. Let us hope her words are prophetic.

Speaking of the female gender, see how our desis jumped with joy that the Nobel Prize winners for Economics are Michael Kremer, Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo. Their joy is selective and only focused on the one with Indian origins — Abhijit Banerjee.

Wait, pause, diyar bhakts. There are three of them, of which one is a couple. And from what is written, the one who is excellent at field work (the real grind), is Ms Duflo.

She is Banerjee’s partner. How conveniently she was deleted from majority copies, like she didn’t exist, especially since they are a couple. As for Michael Kremer, poor man, for our country, he is non-existent.

Such is the tragedy, because this riding piggyback on no-more resident Indians needs to stop. He is an American citizen. How can we stake claims on any and every one.

Two cute films which I think young and old need to see. The Sky Is Pink. Aai-deva, I was toh on top of the world, the CBFC actually allowed the word ‘sex lives’ to remain, that too mouthed by a teen girl. Not bad, usually such is bleeped out.

Excellent acting by Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar. Now another film, which you all may conveniently forget, Weathering With You. An extremely cute Japanese animated film. A sweet story on weather and why humans should not tamper with it. They are way ahead in concept, technology, storyboard and most important, story-telling.

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