Revolver Ranee: Boris and BEST! The circus of life

Lately, this world has become too funny a place, like a live circus. We have our own desi version, yes, same to same, NaMo. These X-men are led, on the Left, by Putin (thought the world was contemptuous of Commies) and on the Right, by Netanyahu and the father of them all, Trump. But they say every person has seven doppelgangers and the United Kingdom is now led by Boris Johnson, who looks like a Trumped-up version with better apical foliage.

There could not be a better time for memes and jokes than now. We are born on the wrong side of the world, bhaiyon aur behenon. Just YouTube and check out the free space and freedom of speech that truly exists in the US of A. Our desi versions lack the punch, having mistaken it for paunch and are busy Sharma-oing.

The last few days have been embarrassing for few, na. On the domestic front, the two biggies are preparing a virtually saffronised map of India and before they could relish the Karnataka situation, they were Trumped and how.

Khee khee khee. Who is a liar? I would like to believe the WhatsApp joke on how Trump misunderstood meditation for mediation in Kashmir and the rest is history, as they say. The less people begin to care, the more these buffoon sorts will have to sober up. This is being optimistic, I know, but at least, in the US that seems to be the case.

Revolver Ranee: Boris and BEST! The circus of life

Speaking of buffoons and buffoonery, this Big Jhol Party has such top-class ones ailing from foot-in-the-mouth syndrome. Latest to join the jingbang is an accused-cum-recently elected MP, Pragya Singh Thakur. She smote NaMo faster than a dust mite, stating she ain’t born or elected to sweep. Basically, she was using smriti from Manu and kinda capitalised on her saffron robes to add to her MP-giri. These are like the extras who hang around on the sets of big Bollywood shoots.

Until the BEST had reduced the minimum fare, conductors whined and complained about commuters not giving change. They always had loads of five-rupee coins and bundles of notes. I would merrily chuckle, imagining how frustrating it would be for a thief who mugged a bus conductor in Mumbai.

Now, even when the minimum fare is Rs.5, conductors continue to crib. Suddenly, their treasure trove of change seems to have disappeared and five-rupee coins are out of fashion. Now, they are giving out one- and two-rupee coins as if they are working out a badle ki aag they held within all this while. Some saazish this, of BEST.

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