Reasons Why Fruit Juices Might Not Be The Best Drink For You this Summer.

Reasons Why Fruit Juices Might Not Be The Best Drink For You this Summer.

While fruits are often consumed for the natural benefits they provide, it might not always be the best option to have fruit juice.

Amisha ShirgaveUpdated: Saturday, April 20, 2024, 01:34 PM IST
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Given the heatwave we’ve been facing around the nation, it is natural to crave for a cool, satisfying and natural drink. There is no resisting when it comes to the idea of consuming a glass of fruit juice with ice cubes in it. Just so refreshing! But are you aware that consuming fruit juices can be harmful and can dangerously spike your blood sugar levels without even providing the nutrition you thought it would?

When you eat a fruit as it is, you consume all the fibres and important vitamins it provides. When you drink fruit juice, you’re consuming a high amount of sugar and calories. Moreover, after you make a fruit juice, all the fibres in the fruit are lost, which is the most beneficial part. When the fibres naturally found in the fruit are removed, it concentrates micronutrients and fructose that leads to spike in blood sugar levels and increases calorie intake. Not only will you consume more calories but it will also leave you unsatiated, making you crave more food. Moreover, consuming more sugar during summers will only lead to increased body temperature. Whereas when you do eat an entire fruit, due to its high fiber content, it will keep you full for a long time. Whole fruits also have more antioxidants and have around 35% less sugar than fruit juices. Fibrous fruits can also reduce cholesterol that risks cardiovascular diseases. 

Hence it is more beneficial to consume a whole fruit rather than a fruit juice. If you still want to go ahead and have your fruit as a drink, you could slow blend your fruit with the pulp so that you can retain the nutrients, fibres and minerals. You can add some lemon juice to it so that it tastes sweeter without having to add additional sugar to it.