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Updated on: Monday, March 09, 2020, 01:29 PM IST

International Women's Day 2020: From CEOs to entrepreneurs, these women have paved the way for the next generation

Women Day | Print

Women Day | Print


Kiran Juneja - Actress

More and more women are coming out in the workplace and working as equals with men. Some are even holding positions senior to men. Even in the entertainment industry women are coming to the fore as filmmakers, writers and technicians which was not so earlier and it is an epic achievement.

Aafreen Petiwala

- Make-up artist

We have all come a long way in empowering each other to find our paths and chase our dreams. As a make-up artist, much has changed in the field. We women are inching towards success in our careers through consistent support from other women in our lives. Let us all enjoy the spirit of sisterhood!

Suzanne Bernert - Actress

I have always got the love and respect from my family and friends and especially in India women are treated as goddesses. I too have had my share of success but I still feel women need to have more power and decision making abilities.

Varsha and Rittu - Awigna

Women of today continue to chase their dreams, redefine the meaning of life and seek success with high esteem. A woman, no less than a man, has the courage to rise and shine.

Shruti Patwari - Tea Trove

Women in urban India have entered all walks of life in tandem to men and are equally sharing the burdens of building a company/

family. What remains is to spread the same to rural India, make women aware of their capabilitiesand power to achieve all that they have dreamt of.

Shristi Banka - Banka CFO

As a Chartered Accountant, I can tread the path of women leaders in finance. We should encourage more women to set up businesses, especially home based entrepreneurs. Public policies should support easy access of credit.

We must create a pipeline for women executives from entry level positions to the top management till there is equal representation between men and women in top management of Fortune 500 companies.

Sonali Dalwani - Entrepreneur

The day every mother raises her male child to believe that he is equal to women is the day we have succeeded in bringing gender equality.

Supriya Shirsat Satam – FOReT sustainable fashion

Women have catalysed the movement towards liberation from a patriarchal society to overcome domestic, cultural and economic issues. Woman’s Day is the recognition of those inspiring women who have charted a challenging journey to give us our current space.

It drives attention to the socio-economic issues faced by women. Equal opportunities and an environment that is secure and free from sexism are needed to realise her potential.

Richa Gupta - Brand Bloom

Today’s woman is more aware of her rights, and is achieving greater heights daily. Yet, it’s an uphill climb. The greatest challenge is spreading the true message of feminism - about having the right and freedom to choose, whatever the choice maybe.

Tinaa Dattaa - Actress

Life is precious and women should take a stand whenever needed. One should adjust and balance career and life but not at the cost of self-respect.

Rishina Kandhari - Actress

Follow your dreams with honesty and integrity and have the courage to achieve your goals. Be proud of who you are!

Ridheema Tiwari - Actress

I would advice all women to accept and love your unique self. Don't fall prey to comparisons and don't lose your identity. Acknowledge your strengths more than weaknesses.

Adaa Khan - Actress

My role model is my mother Parvin Khan. She has given me an excellent upbringing and values. It is because of my mother that I became independent as a person and I can fight all my battles. I would advice young women to love and respect yourself first and never compromise on your values and emotions.

Flora Saini - Model, actress

Women have come up the hard way. I believe they are more capable to handle the pressure. The challenge facing them is that they have to live in a male chauvinistic society and make it in a man’s world.

Nita Ramrakhani

- Brand Nitaara

‘A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.’ This is the quote by Gina Carey which I live by. Nothing comes easy in life, especially when you are a woman, but if you are determined to achieve your goals, everyone will root for you. Women are still struggling with the unfavourable business environment.

Also, we need to maintain balance in our professional and personal lives which gets compromised because of inadequate support system. Let's be the women who fix each other’s crown without even saying it and make it a brighter and better world for our future generations.

— Co-ordinated by Sandeep Hattangadi

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Published on: Sunday, March 08, 2020, 07:31 AM IST